Why are Beta-Readers special?

The beta-reader is the most important card in your editing arsenal. Yes. You read correctly. While the editor can weed out typos and suggest changes in the storyline to fill plot holes, the beta-reader does what must be done. He/She locates the minor glitches that can derail a great book. I know not everyone goesContinue reading “Why are Beta-Readers special?”

Beta-reading stage complete for GUNS AND DOGS

At last my beta-readers have submitted their edits and I am ready to get them to my formatter for a final round of edits. After that, a final editing pass by my editor should complete GUNS AND DOGS.  Like any book being prepared for the market, this has been a laborious, yet fulfilling process. MyContinue reading “Beta-reading stage complete for GUNS AND DOGS”

Why Ancient Rome is still relevant today

As the the author of Historical Fantasy taking place in Rome, I felt, as an American, it was appropriate to take a stroll down history lane and talk about our ancient cousins, the Romans. Even though some readers flock toward non-fiction and contemporary fiction, which usually deal with the highs and lows of current events,Continue reading “Why Ancient Rome is still relevant today”