This Werewolf wants to destroy America

Character Bio #1: Grendis As promised, here is the first of five character bios for my upcoming Young Adult novel Guns And Dogs. Grendis the Werewolf: He hails from a mysterious planet named Lycaria, and even though his race consists of Werewolf-like beings, he has disguised himself as one of us humans and his hereContinue reading “This Werewolf wants to destroy America”

Outline restructuring begins for upcoming YA Thriller GUNS AND DOGS

It’s been awhile since I posted (thanks flu!), so I felt a weekend update was necessary for my patient audience. As most of you know I’m working on a new YA series called “American Legends”, with the first book in the trilogy to be called GUNS AND DOGS. What you didn’t know is that I’veContinue reading “Outline restructuring begins for upcoming YA Thriller GUNS AND DOGS”

New YA novel set for 2015 release

Back in August I ran a poll to see what type of book all my fans and friends wanted me to write next and the overwhelming response was a YA novel. So after I take my break I’ll be starting up the word processor in January to begin writing a new YA book called GunsContinue reading “New YA novel set for 2015 release”

Month-long Leopard King Saga book Tour Kicks off October 30th!

Tomorrow my Leopard King Saga book tour officially kicks off. I am very excited to be spreading the word about my Flagship Saga and will also be discussing my two other series, the Sci-Fi “Mindcop Dossiers”, and the forthcoming YA series “American Legends”. I’ll be using Enchanted Book Promotions for this tour, so why don’tContinue reading “Month-long Leopard King Saga book Tour Kicks off October 30th!”