These dogs are America’s last hope


Character Bio #2: Jessie and Studs

These two Red Dobermans are specially trained canines that work to preserve American security. Armed with guile and advanced technology, Jessie and Studs diffuse threats to national security, and then some, often finding themselves engaged in the most dangerous missions ever conceived.

Loyal and intrepid, never underestimate the power of Dogs!

Be sure to visit the official Guns And Dogs synopsis page on Goodreads. Click HERE for more info.


This Werewolf wants to destroy America

ver2 2Twitter Cover 1500x500

Character Bio #1: Grendis

As promised, here is the first of five character bios for my upcoming Young Adult novel Guns And Dogs.

Grendis the Werewolf: He hails from a mysterious planet named Lycaria, and even though his race consists of Werewolf-like beings, he has disguised himself as one of us humans and his here to study us. But that’s not all he has a secret agenda which could spell the end the of United States as we know it.

His secret plan involves two misfit teens from an Arizona High School, and a bunch of global hackers. But that’s not all, there are conspiracy theories to explore and even Abraham Lincoln isn’t safe.

Be sure to visit the official Guns And Dogs synopsis page on Goodreads. Click HERE for more info.

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Quarter mark reached in YA manuscript

3D book RENDER Guns and Dogs

I wanted to give an update on Guns And Dogs, my upcoming YA adventure. Right now I’ve hit the quarter-mark in the manuscript. I’ve been cranking out 5000-7000 words per week in an attempt to get this book out by late-summer, early fall.

Thanks for your patience. If you’d like to learn more about Guns And Dogs, check out this link.

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New poster amazes for highly-anticipated YA thriller

1Twitter Cover 1500x500

Here’s the first official poster unveiling for my upcoming YA novel Guns And Dogs featuring the TimeCar “Gina”. Tell me what you think?

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New YA novel has tons of surprises

eBook cover gunsanddogs(II)

As most of you already know I’m currently working on a new YA novel Trilogy called “American Legends”, With the first book titled, GUNS AND DOGS. What you didn’t know is that GUNS AND DOGS is chock full of enough plot twists to keep your head spinning.

But I’ve decided to throw everyone a curve and add some strange characters. How strange? Well a different type of Werewolf for starters, and how about some special Dogs? I mean, you can’t skip the dogs in a book titled GUNS AND DOGS…now can you?

There also a ton of other stuff, but I’ll save that for another post. If you haven’t read the synopsis yet, here it is: click HERE!

What would you, the readers, like to see in GUNS AND DOGS? I’m all ears!

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New YA series coming in 2015


As always, we’re busy here at In addition to my Flagship series “Leopard King Saga” and my second series, the sci-fi themed “Mindcop Dossiers” I’ve been planning to do a YA series for all my YA/NA friends out there.

It’s currently in the planning stages but the title of this new YA project is “American Legends” and its slotted to be a trilogy of books. The first book is titled “Guns And Dogs” and will contain Urban Fantasy elements.

I’m planning on releasing “Guns And Dogs” sometime next year. I’ll have updates as new information becomes available. In the meantime, check out the cover for “Guns And Dogs”.