Do Blog Tours help sell Books?

Blog tours are important for authors, especially if you’re just getting started. I mean, who wouldn’t want to tour cyberspace and talk about their book? When signing up for a blog tour it’s important to remember that you need to go into them with an open mind, and little, or no, pre-conceived expectations. At thisContinue reading “Do Blog Tours help sell Books?”

T.A. Uner interview

As promised, here is an interview that I did. I hope everyone enjoys learning more about the REAL T.A. Uner. Please click link below to read the interview.

Special interview on T.A. Uner to be posted tomorrow on

Many of you have asked for more information on who I am, beyond the brief Author Bio section on the site. I am more than happy to give you a detailed look at the man behind the Leopard King Saga and other literary works. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a detailed interview that I wasContinue reading “Special interview on T.A. Uner to be posted tomorrow on”

The votes are in! And here are the results.

Some of you might recall I ran a survey back on August 2. In it I asked for your input about what type of series YOU would like to read in the future. Well the results are in and I’m happy to announce that the Young Adult category is the winner. I’ve already completed theContinue reading “The votes are in! And here are the results.”