Guns And Dogs origins: Dogs

A few days ago I talked about the originsĀ of Guns And Dogs regarding the current disease that has afflicted our society, which is the all-to-familiar shootings. Now I’d like to talk about the other half of Guns And Dogs, the better half, which involves dogs. Dogs are such a precious gift to human society. TheyContinue reading “Guns And Dogs origins: Dogs”

Pre-order Guns And Dogs

I’ve made Guns And Dogs available for pre-order for anyone wishing to take advantage of the special pre-order price. For my US readers, the pre-order page is HERE. For UK readers the pre-order page is HERE. For Canadian readers the pre-order page is HERE. For Indian readers the pre-order page is HERE. For Australian readersContinue reading “Pre-order Guns And Dogs”

Guns And Dogs origins: Shootings

By now many of you are aware that my upcoming Young adult novel, Guns And Dogs, which will be released worldwide on June 21. But many of you are probably curious as to how I arrived at writing this book. What was I thinking when I started crafting the outline in 2014? I would haveContinue reading “Guns And Dogs origins: Shootings”

Guns And Dogs release information

Now that my formatter is working on the final edition of Guns And Dogs, it’s only a matter of time before a release date will be set. I am hoping for mid to late June. This will be in time for the opening week of Summer 2016. More information will be released in the comingContinue reading “Guns And Dogs release information”

Guns And Dogs update

I received my final edits from my editor yesterday and after one final pass I have submitted Guns And Dogs to my formatter. Yes, this means I am done with this YA book and now await the final formatted edition. Then it’s time to set up a release date. What a long road it’s been.Continue reading “Guns And Dogs update”

Guns And Dog beta-reader edit update

I’m almost done with editing! Those five words I’ve longed to speak for ages. Editing is the part of writing that I disdain the most. But, it is a necessary evil as you all know. I should be done tonight and then it is off to my editor for a final look. Stay tuned forContinue reading “Guns And Dog beta-reader edit update”

GUNS AND DOGS editing update

I’ve begun the next round of beta-editing, which means the release date for GUNS AND DOGS has been pushed back to early May. I would rather wait a bit longer before putting it out than release a book that wasn’t up to my level of standards. Editing is a thankless job as everyone already knows.Continue reading “GUNS AND DOGS editing update”