Book Cover revealed!

As promised, here is the cover reveal for Tome 3 of the Leopard King Saga, The Leopard Apocalypse. Notice the green background color and design follows the elements theme which began with Fire for the first book, The Leopard Vanguard, and continued with Water for the second book, The Leopard Stratagem.  So for Tome 3Continue reading “Book Cover revealed!”

New YA novel has tons of surprises

As most of you already know I’m currently working on a new YA novel Trilogy called “American Legends”, With the first book titled, GUNS AND DOGS. What you didn’t know is that GUNS AND DOGS is chock full of enough plot twists to keep your head spinning. But I’ve decided to throw everyone a curveContinue reading “New YA novel has tons of surprises”

New YA book cover to debut on March 7th

As work continues on “Stone Ram,” my 4th novel release that will be a YA adventure I’m happy to announce the upcoming unveiling of the new book cover. It will be released here on on March 7th, 2014, and will incorporate the main theme of this exciting new YA fantasy novel that will featureContinue reading “New YA book cover to debut on March 7th”

Promotional Poster for new Dystopian novel “Kill Zombies” released

Well the cat, or should I say, the crocodile is out of the bag…mutant crocodile that is. Today sees the release of the promotional poster for my second novel, titled: “Kill Zombies,” which is a standalone novel introducing new characters that will feature in future novels. It can be read separately, or, if you like,Continue reading “Promotional Poster for new Dystopian novel “Kill Zombies” released”