“The Leopard Vanguard” now ranked in amazon.com top 100 bestselling ebooks under Greek-Roman Myths & Legends

“The Leopard Vanguard” entered ranked territory today. Entering as #74 under Greek-Roman myths kindle eBook category on amazon.com Click the cover logo above to read a free sample. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. T.A. Uner

The Leopard Vanguard & Kill Zombies now featured on acclaimedbooks.com

I’m very happy to announce my partnership with acclaimedbooks.com who have kindly offered to list both “The Leopard Vanguard” and “Kill Zombies” on their website. To check out either book please click the cover image above. Once again thanks to Pete at acclaimedbooks.com for his kindness.

LeopardKingSaga.com reaches milestone

As of this posting we’ve reached 300 hits. I’d like to thank all the wonderful people who took the time to visit and want you to know that your time spent here is appreciated. If you havent already done so, please like Leopardkingsaga on Facebook, or, become a follower on our twitter site to enterContinue reading “LeopardKingSaga.com reaches milestone”