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Cover release for “I, Mars” Book 2 of Mindcop Dossiers

I Mars-eBook

Here is the cover for Book 2 of the “Mindcop Dossiers” series set on Mars. For this book I’ve got the Villain on the cover.

So what do you think? I’d like your opinions.

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Who wants a free ebook?


To celebrate the upcoming releases of my revised 2nd editions of “The Leopard Vanguard” and “Kill Zombies” I’m running a free ebook promotion on my other series called “Mindcop Dossiers”.

You may remember back in June I released the first book in an experimental Science Fiction series set on Mars. Well that book, “Doctor Mars” is free starting today October 1st, through October 5th.

So click the “Doctor Mars” link above and meet my newest heroine…Liberty Rise!

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Blockbuster 99 cent sale continues!!!

 The Leopard Vanguard is  only 99 cents

The Leopard Vanguard is only 99 cents

The Super 99 Cent Sale continues! In case you haven’t heard, THE LEOPARD VANGUARD, BOOK 1 of the LEOPARD KING SAGA, is now on sale! Over 94% off the retail price. This is to commemorate the upcoming release of BOOK 2, THE LEOPARD STRATAGEM.

What can you get for 99 cents these days? Not much. But at it buys you a ton of adventure. Click THE LEOPARD VANGUARD image link above to buy a copy now.

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T.A. Uner interview

As promised, here is an interview that I did. I hope everyone enjoys learning more about the REAL T.A. Uner.

Please click link below to read the interview.

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New paranormal novella release date set


Good news! My new novella, titled Doctor Mars, is now set for release tomorrow on,, and other amazon network retailers worldwide.

This is the first story in a planned paranormal/sci-fi series that takes place on Mars and features a powerful female mutant named Liberty Rise who solves crime by manipulating time.

For all you paranormal lovers out there Doctor Mars will not disappoint and it will sell for only 99 cents!

To read a detailed synopsis of Doctor Mars click the link below:

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New paranormal ebook has many secrets


My upcoming novella, “Doctor Mars” is slated to be released next week. When? Well I’ll let you know when I know! But seriously if you like strong female protagonists and paranormal fiction with a twist, this story is for you.

My protagonist is a female mutant named Liberty Mars, she has a special skill that helps her solves crimes on Mars. This isn’t a Dystopia, more like a Marstopia, does that even exist? I guess it does now.

I’ll have more information in the coming days.

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Work continues on first story in new series “Mindcop Dossiers”.


Work at is in full gear. In addition to working on the final details of the second book in my flagship Leopard King Saga series, I’ve begun a second series for all you Mars lovers out there. This one has a dystopian feel to it, but here’s the kicker, it’s on Mars and features a strong-willed female protagonist named Liberty Rise who solves crimes with her mutant ability.

So what shall we call this new genre? Marstopian?

The story is due out sometime this summer, right before, Book Two of the Leopard King Saga, The Leopard Stratagem, hits the shelves in late August.

Meanwhile here’s a peek at the new cover of the first story in the “Mindcop Dossiers”. It’s called Doctor Mars.

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Q&A with Author T.A. UNER

Click the Author  picture above to read article.

Click the Author picture above to read article.

I am very fortunate to have been interviewed by “Pebble in The Still Waters” a great blog about new Authors. Please click my author profile picture above to read the detailed interview.

Special thanks to Jaideep who made this interview possible.

Thanks for your support,


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“The Bloody Ripper” attracting rave reviews from book lovers everywhere

Booklovers love "the Bloody Ripper"

Booklovers love “the Bloody Ripper”

In less than a month into its release, “The Bloody Ripper” is attracting rave reviews from its readers. Look what some of these folks had to say about this new book.

4 of 5 stars
“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this book. It combines a lot of genres, from the horror of Jack The Ripper, to aliens, to computers, to time travel and trains. Not something you would expect to find combined in the same story. Yet, the auther pulls it off nicely and weaves it all together into a cohesive story. Not only that, but this is part of a multi-part story that can be read as a stand alone. This is the first I’ve read but I will be checking the rest of the stories out. Give it a try, and you will want to stick around to see how it all works out.” — Dwayne Keller

5 of 5 stars
“I saw this book on an eBook trailer on YouTube and thought it looked intriguing so I decided to buy it. I absolutely loved it! Very original and creative story that drew me in right away. Well-fleshed out characters – major and minor – that you immediately start to root for. Even the villains are well-developed with interesting motivations that are not all connected to the main story. I especially loved the characters of Seamus, Jack, and Vampiress and their exciting interactions/conflicts throughout the story. I cannot wait to read the sequel. I have already placed The Leopard Vanguard and Kill Zombies on my To-Read list and look forward to reading some more wonderfully creative and exciting works by Uner.” — Bella Swann

4 of 5 stars
“The Bloody Ripper is a fascinating and exciting read full of lush detail and mystery. TA Uner does a fantastic job creating a world with vivid characters and an exciting plot. Paranormal/Fantasy meets Steampunk and a pinch of History. TA explores the history of the Ripper killings adding fresh faces and more depth to an already exciting plot. Don’t miss out on a wonderfully enjoyable story! ” — Krissy Malott

5 of 5 stars
“I enjoyed this story a lot. I haven’t read a lot of steampunk but this was a thrilling story that was fun and interesting to read. The story had a lot of different twists and turns and the backstories of the characters were also quite well-developed although I would definitely like to learn more about Seamus. Can’t wait to read the sequel.” — Jenifer Mohammed

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“The Bloody Ripper” attracting 5-star reviews on and Amazon


Less than a week after its worldwide release, “The Bloody Ripper” is drawing top-notch reviews from the prolific websites of and Amazon.

Reviewers describe this Steampunk thriller as ‘Exciting’, ‘Creative,’ and ‘Lush.’

Find out why these reviewers are buzzing about “The Bloody Ripper”.

Click below for reviews:

Click below for Amazon review:

And don’t forget to read a free sample of “The Bloody Ripper” in the Fan Shop. Decide after that if you’d like to take a trip back in time to the bloody streets of 1888 East End London.