The Sacrifice of Writing

If you want to be a successful Writer it takes more than just writing books. Editing and choosing the right cover are important too as you probably already know. But is there more? Of course. You have to sacrifice your best self and invest it in your writing. Your best self consists of your imagination,Continue reading “The Sacrifice of Writing”

A message to struggling Artists

If you’ve struggled as an artist or in any other occupation this blog post is for you. Ok so you’re not doing so well in your desired profession, or maybe it’s a hobby that is not panning out into a full-blown gig; at least not yet. I have some advice for you, since I’ve beenContinue reading “A message to struggling Artists”

Why is success selective?

For those of us who don’t have it easy (and really, who does?) let me say that you’re in excellent company. Many of us have wondered why success is hard to attain. What’s the secret? That’s what most people ask. They spend their time buying self-help books and attending seminars. But really, you want toContinue reading “Why is success selective?”

How I changed my day for the better, read on…

Today was going great. In the morning I had a great chat with an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages, and then with wind in my sails, I went off to work. Then, while I was working,disaster struck, and my equipment failed. Did I lose my cool? No. Experience has taught me not toContinue reading “How I changed my day for the better, read on…”

Looking at success from a higher perspective

Ok. You wrote a book. That’s great. So have countless other writers. In the age of self-publishing it seems everyone is throwing their hat into the arena for a chance at literary success. But what exactly is success? Seriously. Is it making enough money to retire on? Is it having your name in lights? OrContinue reading “Looking at success from a higher perspective”

Consider this mindset for lasting success

Wow! How fast a year goes. Right? Last year about this time I was trying to get my Author platform together before launching I was a newbie then, but through the past year I’ve been able to amass enough information to become a useful resource. Self-Publishing has been an exciting journey for me, butContinue reading “Consider this mindset for lasting success”