Formatting update on Mindcop Dossiers Omnibus edition

  I mentioned in my September 15th Blog Post that I was releasing an Omnibus edition for my sci-fi novella series Mindcop Dossiers. Well, my formatter is busy at work and I should have it out in early October. It will sell for $2.99 and it’s a great deal for anyone who wants the entireContinue reading “Formatting update on Mindcop Dossiers Omnibus edition”

Update on Mindcop Dossiers Omnibus edition

I’ve finally got the images back from my graphic design team and am happy to announce that the first three books of my science fiction series, Mindcop Dossiers, will be out in early October. It’s a 3 book bundle that will sell for the discount price of $2.99, which is cheaper than buying each bookContinue reading “Update on Mindcop Dossiers Omnibus edition”

New Mindcop Dossiers Omnibus coming soon

After months of debate, I am considering releasing a complete omnibus edition of the first three Mindcop Dossiers novellas. More information to be released as it becomes available. Need information on Mindcop Dossiers? Click HERE to find out more.

Work resumes on next project

Even though I’m in the midst of promoting my latest release, Guns And Dogs, I’ve slowly begun jotting down words for the next novel in the Leopard King Saga, to be titled, The Leopard Apocalypse. Release date is scheduled for late 2017,but this is subject to change.

Quote of the day

Here’s a quote from my new YA novel Guns And Dogs. “Happiness isn’t something you pick up at the grocery store, nor is it something that comes to you at a certain age. It’s a trait that lives within all of us, and it flourishes when you begin appreciating the things in life we takeContinue reading “Quote of the day”

Work Resumes on The Leopard Apocalypse

As I await the formatter to complete the beta-reading ebook proofof Guns And Dogs, I’ve decided to get back to writing The Leopard Apocalypse, the third book of my Leopard King Saga Historical fantasy series. This book has been an on-and-off project since 2012. And hopefully once Guns And Dogs is released in March, IContinue reading “Work Resumes on The Leopard Apocalypse”

Cover reveal date set for Book 3 of Leopard King Saga

After over a year of using the shadow preview cover for the third book of the Leopard King Saga, to be called The Leopard Apocalypse, I’m happy to announce the final cover has been designed and approved by me. The Leopard Apocalypse cover will be revealed on January 19th on this blog. Thanks for yourContinue reading “Cover reveal date set for Book 3 of Leopard King Saga” End of year review, Part III: Forever Mars

And now we reach the 3rd and final installment of our End of year review. I concluded my 2015 releases with Forever Mars, the 3rd Book in the Mindcop Dossiers series set on Mars. This book was the longest of the series and took us to Mars’ 2nd moon, Deimos. In also introduced a newContinue reading “ End of year review, Part III: Forever Mars” End of year review, Part II: I,Mars Audiobook

As I stated in Part I of my end of year review   2015 was a relatively quiet year for me publishing-wise. I did however release a 2nd Audiobook, I, Mars, the sequel to Doctor Mars. It was also voiced by Elizabeth Phillips who made her debut in Doctor Mars as the voice of ourContinue reading “ End of year review, Part II: I,Mars Audiobook”