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As everyone knows, I’ll be releasing I, Mars as an audiobook real soon. To commemorate the new audiobook format release I plan on offering Doctor Mars in kindle format for free on amazon. Stay tuned for more information.


T.A. Uner


I, Mars Audiobook production complete

I,Mars Audiobook

Well after nearly a month of intense work, I’ve just completed the audiobook production of I, Mars. Thanks to Voice Actress Elizabeth Phillips and Formatter/Ebook Editor Jason Anderson for their time and help.

Release date for I, Mars audiobook to be announced in the near future. Thanks for your interest everyone.


Forever Mars Synopsis now available

3D render transp back

The official synopsis for Forever Mars is now available on Goodreads. Click HERE to read. And if you have a Goodreads account, why not add Forever Mars to your To Read list.

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New YA novel has tons of surprises

eBook cover gunsanddogs(II)

As most of you already know I’m currently working on a new YA novel Trilogy called “American Legends”, With the first book titled, GUNS AND DOGS. What you didn’t know is that GUNS AND DOGS is chock full of enough plot twists to keep your head spinning.

But I’ve decided to throw everyone a curve and add some strange characters. How strange? Well a different type of Werewolf for starters, and how about some special Dogs? I mean, you can’t skip the dogs in a book titled GUNS AND DOGS…now can you?

There also a ton of other stuff, but I’ll save that for another post. If you haven’t read the synopsis yet, here it is: click HERE!

What would you, the readers, like to see in GUNS AND DOGS? I’m all ears!

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End of year wrap up, Part Five: I, Mars, Book 2 of Mindcop Dossiers

eBook cover I,mars(II)

We conclude our year-end summary with the fifth and final release for 2014. I, Mars was the second book in the Mindcop Dossiers series featuring Liberty Rise, a young female detective who fights crime on 22nd century Mars. This second book focused on completing the story-arc from Doctor Mars.

To learn more about I, Mars and the Mindcop Dossiers series, click HERE

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I, Mars enters formatting stage

3D book RENDER I Mars (II)

Yesterday I submitted the file for I, Mars-the 2nd book of my new Sci-Fi series-to my formatter and after final proofreading it will be available for sale.

Projected release date is December 9th, 2014. More details to follow.

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“Mindcop Dossiers” books get cover upgrades

eBook Cover DocMars(II) eBook cover I,mars(II)

I’ve decided to have my graphic design team retool my new Sci-Fi series “Mindcop Dossiers” covers to be more eye-friendly. The lettering has been upgraded to a bright red worthy of a Mars-Themed book. I’ve also had some detail added to Mars’s surface on the cover of “Doctor Mars”.

These recommendations were made by fans. So, what do you think?

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Update on new sci-fi thriller, “I, Mars”


I’ve reached the halfway point in “I, Mars” the second book in my Sci-Fi series “Mindcop Dossiers”. The story picks up a year after the previous book, “Doctor Mars”, and will be full of more detail and character development. One point most readers made of “Doctor Mars” was that it needed to be longer and I’ve obliged with the general consensus.

I’ll have more details on “I, Mars” as I get closer to completion date. I’m planning on releasing it in late November, but, as always, release date is subject to change.

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New paranormal ebook has many secrets


My upcoming novella, “Doctor Mars” is slated to be released next week. When? Well I’ll let you know when I know! But seriously if you like strong female protagonists and paranormal fiction with a twist, this story is for you.

My protagonist is a female mutant named Liberty Mars, she has a special skill that helps her solves crimes on Mars. This isn’t a Dystopia, more like a Marstopia, does that even exist? I guess it does now.

I’ll have more information in the coming days.

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Update on upcoming YA novel “Stone Ram.”


Editing continues for my upcoming YA novel “Stone Ram” which is scheduled for release on on April 22, 2014 in both paperback and kindle. As stated in earlier posts this YA novel will feature a blind teen protagonist called Fabian SilverSword. Here is a short synopsis from the novel in case you missed it:

The Kingdom of Rek is in trouble!
It’s holiest artifact, The Golden Mane, has been stolen by Xot Marauders and is on its way to the Darklands, a lawless domain under the rule of the Blood Reeper, an evil undead warlord who harbors plans for conquering Rek and its peaceful neighboring states.
When the Gold King of Rek issues a crusade to retrieve the stolen Mane, a blind shepherd boy named Fabian SilverSword accepts the challenge, much to the dismay of his parents. Along with his friends, Lager McVick, an exiled Starfighter pilot from Earth, and Marella Larue, a mysterious Stealer from the Republic of Pazland, Fabian must survive the trek through Rek’s Eastern Frontier before navigating the unknown dangers of the three Hellion Doors.

Many people have written to ask more about the world-building and while the name of the planet this takes place on is shrouded in mystery, there will be a detailed full-color map included in the eBook version while a standard black & white map will be inserted in the paperback version. This will enable readers to follow the characters on their Gold Quest.

I am about 33% of the way through with editing and this novel promises to have all the major thrills of an old-fashioned good versus evil plot, with many twists and turns and cliffhanger chapter-endings.

I believe this book is for every fantasy/sci-fi fan as it also features a trouble Earth pilot named Stephen “Lager” McVick from Earth. A stranded starfighter pilot who serves as Fabian’s advisor and most importantly, friend.

Then there is the mysterious Marella Larue who is the love interest. Stay tuned for more information about these exciting new characters.