Year end review, Part II: Mindcop Dossiers Boxed Set


My second release of 2016 was the Mindcop Dossiers Boxed-Set. Released on October 2nd, it’s an excellent way for new readers to familiarize themselves with this entire Mars Space Opera series for an affordable price. Featuring the brave Liberty Rise, a mutant police detective who specializes in solving crimes with her mutant powers, this series will appeal to fans of crime, sci-fi, adventure, and techno-thrillers.

Mindcop Dossiers Boxed Set update


Just wanted to let everyone know that the boxed set for Mindcop Dossiers will be out early next week. I’ve decided to lower the price for the first few days from $2.99 to only 99 cents! That’s a steal considering you get three novellas for the price of one.

More information to follow soon! End of year review, Part II: I,Mars Audiobook

I,Mars Audiobook

As I stated in Part I of my end of year review   2015 was a relatively quiet year for me publishing-wise. I did however release a 2nd Audiobook, I, Mars, the sequel to Doctor Mars. It was also voiced by Elizabeth Phillips who made her debut in Doctor Mars as the voice of our Heroine Liberty Rise.

Took me over a month to get this project done. Was a struggle to get all the editing fixed so that the ebook and audiobook were exactly the same and free of typos and errors. But everything turned out well, and now it sits proudly next to its predecessor. End of year review, Part I: Doctor Mars Audiobook

Doctor Mars Audiobook

Cannot believe yet another year is almost in the books. Seems like the older I get, the faster time flies. Ok, enough with the depressing aspect of aging. This post is to celebrate 2015 and the books I’ve released to the world. If you’re a regular to you’ll know by now that I do this during the last two weeks of December.

2015 was a relatively quiet year for me publishing-wise. I was busy writing three books (Guns And Dogs, Forever Mars, and The Leopard Apocalypse) but I did manage to enter the audiobook market.

Doctor Mars, was released in audiobook format on June 10th. I worked with the talented voice actress Elizabeth Phillips, and she’s cemented her place as the voice of Liberty Rise, our brave Heroine of the Mindcop Dossiers series. It was a lot of hard work but I enjoyed the process. To all you authors out there who’ve yet to take the plunge into the audiobook arena, I would recommend trying it, at least for one book, and see how it goes.

Click HERE to listen to a free sample of the Doctor Mars audiobook.

Forever Mars 2nd Draft complete

3D render


Yesterday I completed the 2nd Draft of Forever Mars and submitted it to my editor. I hope to have it beta-read and released by the end of 2015.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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2nd Draft editing reaches halfway mark on Forever Mars

banner forever mars book3

Despite undergoing surgery on my left eye I’m still furiously working on getting the 2nd Draft to Forever Mars done so I can send it off to my editor and in the stores for you all.

Unfortunately I still don’t have an official release date. But I’m aiming for late December or early-to-mid January. Pray that my eye heals faster so I can spend more time in front of the word processor.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

T.A. Uner

November promises more work at

3D book RENDER Guns and DogsComing Soon!

Well the Holidays are fast approaching and upcoming projects continue heating up my writing schedule. So far this year I’ve released two audiobooks, Doctor Mars & I, Mars, respectively, but I’ve finished two manuscripts. One is Guns And Dogs, my upcoming YA sci-fi thriller and just last week I put the finishing touches on Forever Mars, which I hope to have out before the end of 2015.

Hope everyone is enjoying their fall and will have more updates as they become available.

Wishing everyone the best!

T.A. Uner

First Draft of FOREVER MARS completed


Work never stops around here does it? Less than two days after releasing I, MARS in audiobook format I’ve completed the First Draft for FOREVER MARS, the 3rd Book of the Mindcop Dossiers series last night.

More news on Forever Mars as it becomes available.

And don’t forget to download Book 1, DOCTOR MARS. It’s free all this week. Click HERE for a free kindle copy.