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Are sex scenes necessary in your novel?


Let’s assume you’ve finished your novel and you’re in the editing stage. Now comes the time to trim the fat off that superfluous First Draft.

Let’s also assume that you’ve written in a few sex scenes. Now comes the big question: do you really need these in your story?

Some readers are turned off by sex in their books. They find it unnecessary and counterproductive to the story.

Let’s just examine the sex scene, and let me tell you, there’s a time to use it and a time to cut it from your manuscript.

How do you know if you need sex scenes in your novel? Glad you asked.

1)Romance/Erotica-If you’re writing within this genre your readers will automatically expect there to be some down and dirty action. If you wish to be subtle about it go ahead, but these days books that fall within this genre are quite graphic, so it may be best to gauge readers before publishing your work.

2)Plot-It goes without saying that you don’t need to write Romance/Erotica to have sex scenes in your books. But consider this: does sex between characters move the plot along and cause conflict which is necessary for a good story? Does it add depth to character relationships? Or is it just thrown in there for no good reason? If so, you may wish to reconsider.

3)Your Writing Style-Probably the most important variable when deciding whether or not to include sex scenes in your novel. Is this me? Do I know how to pull off writing a sex scene that will not look contrived? This basically comes down to your gut instinct. So by all means, make sure you do what you feel is right.

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