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What should you write about?


In this age of self-publishing, every day tons of new books are published online. Each catering to different reader tastes. It’s enough to make one dizzy.

For the first-time novelist it can be daunting, deciding what to write about. Sure, you want to write what the muse inspires you to write, but your ego will pull you towards writing something that will “sell” and make you “famous.” Two things you should never expect when embarking on a writing career. Face it, very few authors make it big, and if that’s your main reason for writing then I’m afraid you’re in for a shock.

So what should you write about? Easy. What do you like? Do you like Space Operas with talking Robots? Or prefer a clever spy novel with exotic locales. Or maybe you’re a history buff who wants to take your reader on an adventure back in time. The choices are endless.

Stick with a plan, what I mean is focus on getting your best ideas down. And by all means, outline your book before you sit down to write it. Trust me, an outline is a great way to map out your novel. And the best thing about outlining is you can always change things around as the story evolves. Isn’t that great? Of course it is!

But in the end dear writer, your writing must satisfy yourself. Write the type of book you would ultimately want to read yourself. And be proud of it. Whether it hits seven-figure sales numbers or not, it’s a unique creation penned by you, the writer. Besides, isn’t that what the writing journey is all about?

T.A. UNER is the Author of various novels and short stories. Please be sure to follow him on LeopardKingSaga.com and https://twitter.com/LeopardKingSaga, where he blogs regularly about writing and self-improvement. You can also subscribe to his blog posts and have them delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. If you do this he will dance on his hands.

Writing Advice

Are sex scenes necessary in your novel?


Let’s assume you’ve finished your novel and you’re in the editing stage. Now comes the time to trim the fat off that superfluous First Draft.

Let’s also assume that you’ve written in a few sex scenes. Now comes the big question: do you really need these in your story?

Some readers are turned off by sex in their books. They find it unnecessary and counterproductive to the story.

Let’s just examine the sex scene, and let me tell you, there’s a time to use it and a time to cut it from your manuscript.

How do you know if you need sex scenes in your novel? Glad you asked.

1)Romance/Erotica-If you’re writing within this genre your readers will automatically expect there to be some down and dirty action. If you wish to be subtle about it go ahead, but these days books that fall within this genre are quite graphic, so it may be best to gauge readers before publishing your work.

2)Plot-It goes without saying that you don’t need to write Romance/Erotica to have sex scenes in your books. But consider this: does sex between characters move the plot along and cause conflict which is necessary for a good story? Does it add depth to character relationships? Or is it just thrown in there for no good reason? If so, you may wish to reconsider.

3)Your Writing Style-Probably the most important variable when deciding whether or not to include sex scenes in your novel. Is this me? Do I know how to pull off writing a sex scene that will not look contrived? This basically comes down to your gut instinct. So by all means, make sure you do what you feel is right.

T.A. UNER is the Author of various novels and short stories. Please be sure to follow him on LeopardKingSaga.com and https://twitter.com/LeopardKingSaga, where he blogs regularly about writing and self-improvement. You can also subscribe to his blog posts and have them delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. If you do this he will dance on his hands.

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New poster amazes for highly-anticipated YA thriller

1Twitter Cover 1500x500

Here’s the first official poster unveiling for my upcoming YA novel Guns And Dogs featuring the TimeCar “Gina”. Tell me what you think?

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Ring in the new year with something different ! 99 cents buys you action and adventure in 2015.

Find out who the Leopard King is...

Find out who the Leopard King is…

To celebrate 2015 I am offering my debut novel The Leopard Vanguard for only 99 cents. This deal is only through New Years Day, January 1, 2015.

Find out what all the excitement is about. Take your first step into my Historical Fantasy series the Leopard King Saga where a great mystery hides a hidden evil.

Action, Adventure, Romance: All for under a buck. Click HERE to read a free sample and take advantage of these huge savings!

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MIDNIGHT MADNESS! New YA novel “STONE RAM” only hours away from release!


That’s right! We’re only hours away from the release of “Stone Ram” my new YA novel. Don’t miss out! Get your kindle copy when the clock strikes midnight.

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Update on upcoming YA novel “Stone Ram.”


Editing continues for my upcoming YA novel “Stone Ram” which is scheduled for release on amazon.com on April 22, 2014 in both paperback and kindle. As stated in earlier posts this YA novel will feature a blind teen protagonist called Fabian SilverSword. Here is a short synopsis from the novel in case you missed it:

The Kingdom of Rek is in trouble!
It’s holiest artifact, The Golden Mane, has been stolen by Xot Marauders and is on its way to the Darklands, a lawless domain under the rule of the Blood Reeper, an evil undead warlord who harbors plans for conquering Rek and its peaceful neighboring states.
When the Gold King of Rek issues a crusade to retrieve the stolen Mane, a blind shepherd boy named Fabian SilverSword accepts the challenge, much to the dismay of his parents. Along with his friends, Lager McVick, an exiled Starfighter pilot from Earth, and Marella Larue, a mysterious Stealer from the Republic of Pazland, Fabian must survive the trek through Rek’s Eastern Frontier before navigating the unknown dangers of the three Hellion Doors.

Many people have written to ask more about the world-building and while the name of the planet this takes place on is shrouded in mystery, there will be a detailed full-color map included in the eBook version while a standard black & white map will be inserted in the paperback version. This will enable readers to follow the characters on their Gold Quest.

I am about 33% of the way through with editing and this novel promises to have all the major thrills of an old-fashioned good versus evil plot, with many twists and turns and cliffhanger chapter-endings.

I believe this book is for every fantasy/sci-fi fan as it also features a trouble Earth pilot named Stephen “Lager” McVick from Earth. A stranded starfighter pilot who serves as Fabian’s advisor and most importantly, friend.

Then there is the mysterious Marella Larue who is the love interest. Stay tuned for more information about these exciting new characters.

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Free ebook coming soon !

Tome One

As promised, here is the special announcement about the free promotional item I mentioned yesterday. On April 1st, 2014, yes that’s April Fool’s day, I will be giving out free eBook copies of my debut novel “The Leopard Vanguard” on amazon.com for anyone willing to write a review on Goodreads or amazon.com; this deal starts and ends on April 1st. I will have more information and a link so you can download the free book.

Don’t miss out on this free eBook, and keep in mind: this is no April’s fool day joke.

Thanks and stay tuned!


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Less than five days remain…are you ready?


Next Tuesday sees the release of “The Bloody Ripper,” my third novel which takes place in 1888 Victorian Era London. Think you’ve seen it all? Not on your life. Check out the video trailer to see what all the excitement is about.

Clink link below to watch video trailer for “The Bloody Ripper.”


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Secrets of Jack the Ripper

Who was Jack?

Who was Jack?

As we close in on the release of “The Bloody Ripper,” a Steampunk novel that takes place during the “Jack the Ripper” slayings in Victorian Era London, I’d like to ask what everyone thinks of the Jack the Ripper slayings? What’s your personal opinion on him as a killer? Or what conspiracy theories do you subscribe to? Many different theories as to why he killed is out there, but over 125 years later the murders remain unsolved.

Writing Advice

Which book genre sells the most?

Romance is the top-selling genre. But anything that comes from the heart is a close 2nd.

Romance is the top-selling genre. But anything that comes from the heart is a close 2nd.

People ask me what type of books sell the most? That’s an easy enough answer. I always say: “The ones that come from the heart.”

Often I’m met with strange looks. But its true, there’s really no secret, there’s a market for every genre and just because one book is selling a lot doesn’t mean that genre’s the best.

The books that sell come from within a writer’s essence. Someone who has mastered their craft and/or who has read enough quality literature to tackle subjects within the human condition.

So chasing the market is fine, if that’s your thing, you won’t catch me criticizing you, but still the best books I’ve read have an authentic voice and are not rushed.

Trust me, but more importantly…trust yourself.

T.A. Uner is the Author of “The Leopard Vanguard,” and “Kill Zombies.”
Visit him at http://www.leopardkingsaga.com to hear what he has to say about writing.