What should you write about?

In this age of self-publishing, every day tons of new books are published online. Each catering to different reader tastes. It’s enough to make one dizzy. For the first-time novelist it can be daunting, deciding what to write about. Sure, you want to write what the muse inspires you to write, but your ego willContinue reading “What should you write about?”

Are sex scenes necessary in your novel?

Let’s assume you’ve finished your novel and you’re in the editing stage. Now comes the time to trim the fat off that superfluous First Draft. Let’s also assume that you’ve written in a few sex scenes. Now comes the big question: do you really need these in your story? Some readers are turned off byContinue reading “Are sex scenes necessary in your novel?”

Ring in the new year with something different ! 99 cents buys you action and adventure in 2015.

To celebrate 2015 I am offering my debut novel The Leopard Vanguard for only 99 cents. This deal is only through New Years Day, January 1, 2015. Find out what all the excitement is about. Take your first step into my Historical Fantasy series the Leopard King Saga where a great mystery hides a hiddenContinue reading “Ring in the new year with something different ! 99 cents buys you action and adventure in 2015.”

MIDNIGHT MADNESS! New YA novel “STONE RAM” only hours away from release!

That’s right! We’re only hours away from the release of “Stone Ram” my new YA novel. Don’t miss out! Get your kindle copy when the clock strikes midnight.

Update on upcoming YA novel “Stone Ram.”

Editing continues for my upcoming YA novel “Stone Ram” which is scheduled for release on amazon.com on April 22, 2014 in both paperback and kindle. As stated in earlier posts this YA novel will feature a blind teen protagonist called Fabian SilverSword. Here is a short synopsis from the novel in case you missed it:Continue reading “Update on upcoming YA novel “Stone Ram.””

Free ebook coming soon !

As promised, here is the special announcement about the free promotional item I mentioned yesterday. On April 1st, 2014, yes that’s April Fool’s day, I will be giving out free eBook copies of my debut novel “The Leopard Vanguard” on amazon.com for anyone willing to write a review on Goodreads or amazon.com; this deal startsContinue reading “Free ebook coming soon !”

Less than five days remain…are you ready?

Next Tuesday sees the release of “The Bloody Ripper,” my third novel which takes place in 1888 Victorian Era London. Think you’ve seen it all? Not on your life. Check out the video trailer to see what all the excitement is about. Clink link below to watch video trailer for “The Bloody Ripper.” https://leopardkingsaga.com/2014/01/20/video-trailer-for-steampunk-novel-the-bloody-ripper/

Secrets of Jack the Ripper

As we close in on the release of “The Bloody Ripper,” a Steampunk novel that takes place during the “Jack the Ripper” slayings in Victorian Era London, I’d like to ask what everyone thinks of the Jack the Ripper slayings? What’s your personal opinion on him as a killer? Or what conspiracy theories do youContinue reading “Secrets of Jack the Ripper”

Which book genre sells the most?

People ask me what type of books sell the most? That’s an easy enough answer. I always say: “The ones that come from the heart.” Often I’m met with strange looks. But its true, there’s really no secret, there’s a market for every genre and just because one book is selling a lot doesn’t meanContinue reading “Which book genre sells the most?”