What is the Universal Pen Writing System?

People have written to me and asked: “What is this Universal Pen Writing system you’re always talking about?” Simple. If you’re a writer and you want to excite your reader(who doesn’t?), it’s to your advantage to consider using the Universal Pen writing system. In a nutshell, this is what the Universal Writing Pen System is:Continue reading “What is the Universal Pen Writing System?”

Some people don’t know this but…

…that every time I crack open a book I’m holding a living thing in my hands. Yep, books are like people, you think I’m crazy? Well maybe but listen: every book that is written has its own identity, and just like people books can be either entertaining or dull. Some have achieved fame while othersContinue reading “Some people don’t know this but…”

How Writers can access infinite power

Ok so now we know where great stories come from. But before you can put yourself in a position to deliver great stories on a regular basis we need to focus on one more thing. You. Yes. You. Mr.,Mrs. or Miss Writer. You. The human behind those beautiful words you’re about to craft for others’Continue reading “How Writers can access infinite power”

What sets Writers apart from other professions?

Psssstt. Got a second?Great! But better make that two. Two minutes that is. I’d like to tell you what makes writing, and writers special. No, it’s not the absurd amount of caffeine we ingest, or the hours we put into crafting every sumptuous sentence. Did you figure it out, yet? No? Ok. Maybe you thinkContinue reading “What sets Writers apart from other professions?”

Staying focused while writing toward success

It’s important to realize that writing, like any other occupation, requires time and effort to achieve success. But you’re probably thinking: “I knew that!” Great. Keep reading compadre. The truth is, for us writers, there is never a guarantee that our efforts will ever take us to the Holy Grail of writing, that elusive bigContinue reading “Staying focused while writing toward success”