What is the secret to eternal happiness?

It’s been ages since I posted. But believe me, I’ve been working on myself and my writing, and, etc., etc. Let me share a bit of wisdom with you. Something that I hope resonates within your soul and takes you to a whole new level. Stay in the moment. Yep. That’s what I said. It’sContinue reading “What is the secret to eternal happiness?”

The truth about struggling

I felt this story might serve to inspire some folks out there. Well a few days ago I noticed that a mouse had gotten into my home. Fall is here, so these critters tend to get inside homes now that summer is over. Well I thought catching a mouse was pretty straightforward. How hard couldContinue reading “The truth about struggling”

Quote from Guns And Dogs

Here’s a quote from my upcoming Young Adult novel Guns And Dogs. “Happiness isn’t something you pick up at the grocery store, nor is it something that comes to you at a certain age. It’s a trait that lives within all of us, and it flourishes when you begin appreciating the things in life weContinue reading “Quote from Guns And Dogs”

What does patience and writing have in common?

The majority of writers today do not make enough to support themselves. Yes. You read correctly. Sorry if I popped your unrealistic bubble that was based on a get-rich-quick scheme where writing is concerned. Writing is an art. And you really should keep the unrealistic fantasy at an arms length so it doesn’t affect yourContinue reading “What does patience and writing have in common?”

Your book isn’t selling? Try this method instead.

In today’s crowded literary market it can be frustrating to make a name for yourself. As you spend money to produce, edit, and market your work, the big picture can get lost in the publishing shuffle. “What do I do?” You ask? Don’t sweat it. There is a way to get your books noticed. AndContinue reading “Your book isn’t selling? Try this method instead.”

How to balance your writing with life

Alright, I’m guessing most of you writers and artists out there have day jobs. And even if you don’t, for whatever reason, your writing isn’t paying the bills. At least not yet. Maybe you’re writing solely for expression and plan on independent publishing. Or instead working towards making it via a traditional publishing route. BothContinue reading “How to balance your writing with life”

Here’s what Imagination can do for you!

If by chance you’ve reached a roadblock in your writing, or any other artistic endeavor, consider this: your imagination exists for a reason. It is the culmination of all your life experiences, and the greatest source of power within each artistic. Cull your dreams of grandiose and unrealistic expectations and delve deep within your mind,Continue reading “Here’s what Imagination can do for you!”