Why should Writers talk more?

I always say a Writer is only as good as whom he/she talks to. “But isn’t writing what were supposed to do?” you ask. Sure. But talking, and more important, listening can do wonders. Take my blog for instance. I love getting comments from people. It drives my blog. And when I respond I goContinue reading “Why should Writers talk more?”

The path to writing success runs through this

Some of the best experiences come from mistakes. And writers who learn from them put themselves in a strong position to achieve their literary goals. But let me tell you something you’ve probably learned on your own, it’s a long, painful road to success. Good things take time, but you can gain experience without unnecessaryContinue reading “The path to writing success runs through this”

Why are blog comments important?

Blogs are great for getting yourself out there. But you know what’s even better than a blog? A blog where your followers post comments and interact with you. It’s tough at first, I know. I’ve been there, but once you get a few conversations going, it can help you build momentum. Blog comments can beContinue reading “Why are blog comments important?”

Making Word-of-Mouth work for you

Photo by  Serge Ouachée So you’ve got a new book out. Great. So do tons of other writers. But I’m broke you say. I’ve spent all my money on editing and hiring a great artist to design my book cover. Not all of us can afford expensive advertising, and even if we could,I doubt itContinue reading “Making Word-of-Mouth work for you”