Mindcop Dossiers Boxed Set update

Just wanted to let everyone know that the boxed set for Mindcop Dossiers will be out early next week. I’ve decided to lower the price for the first few days from $2.99 to only 99 cents! That’s a steal considering you get three novellas for the price of one. More information to follow soon!

New YA novel set for 2015 release

Back in August I ran a poll to see what type of book all my fans and friends wanted me to write next and the overwhelming response was a YA novel. So after I take my break I’ll be starting up the word processor in January to begin writing a new YA book called GunsContinue reading “New YA novel set for 2015 release”

End of year wrap up, Part Five: I, Mars, Book 2 of Mindcop Dossiers

We conclude our year-end summary with the fifth and final release for 2014. I, Mars was the second book in the Mindcop Dossiers series featuring Liberty Rise, a young female detective who fights crime on 22nd century Mars. This second book focused on completing the story-arc from Doctor Mars. To learn more about I, MarsContinue reading “End of year wrap up, Part Five: I, Mars, Book 2 of Mindcop Dossiers”

Kindle Countdown deal is on! Get my book “The Leopard Vanguard” for a great price!

Dear Friends, Apologies for any delay, amazon had some issues but now we’re up and running! My debut novel, The Leopard Vanguard, is now on sale for a great price. Since you’re all located worldwide, I have listed the book’s sale page links below for easy navigation to your respective country’s amazon network. Thank youContinue reading “Kindle Countdown deal is on! Get my book “The Leopard Vanguard” for a great price!”

Cover release for “I, Mars” Book 2 of Mindcop Dossiers

Here is the cover for Book 2 of the “Mindcop Dossiers” series set on Mars. For this book I’ve got the Villain on the cover. So what do you think? I’d like your opinions.

Mega-Savings Continues! 99 cent deal rolls on.

In case you’ve been vacationing on Mars, I’ve got a great deal going on. In honor of my upcoming release, THE LEOPARD STRATAGEM, book 2 of the LEOPARD KING SAGA, I’m offering book 1, THE LEOPARD VANGUARD, for only 99 CENTS! YEP! That’s a steal isn’t it? This sale runs though SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2014, soContinue reading “Mega-Savings Continues! 99 cent deal rolls on.”

Blockbuster 99 cent sale continues!!!

The Super 99 Cent Sale continues! In case you haven’t heard, THE LEOPARD VANGUARD, BOOK 1 of the LEOPARD KING SAGA, is now on sale! Over 94% off the retail price. This is to commemorate the upcoming release of BOOK 2, THE LEOPARD STRATAGEM. What can you get for 99 cents these days? Not much.Continue reading “Blockbuster 99 cent sale continues!!!”

EBook reviewers wanted

Do you love reading and would like to receive free books? Want to become a part of a growing brand? I am seeking reviewers for my books. The ideal reviewer would be someone with a book review blog and/or a desire to create brand-awareness, and have either a goodreads.com and/or amazon.com account to post onlineContinue reading “EBook reviewers wanted”