Why are Beta-Readers special?

The beta-reader is the most important card in your editing arsenal. Yes. You read correctly. While the editor can weed out typos and suggest changes in the storyline to fill plot holes, the beta-reader does what must be done. He/She locates the minor glitches that can derail a great book. I know not everyone goesContinue reading “Why are Beta-Readers special?”

How Love improves writing

Do you want to improve your writing? Sure. Who doesn’t. Here’s one simple trick to make sure your output mirrors your writing goals. What am I talking about? Emotion. Or more specifically, Love. Yes. Love. You read correctly. In order to craft your best work, you have to shelve all negativity. Negativity is the assassinContinue reading “How Love improves writing”

New YA series coming in 2015

As always, we’re busy here at LeopardKingSaga.com. In addition to my Flagship series “Leopard King Saga” and my second series, the sci-fi themed “Mindcop Dossiers” I’ve been planning to do a YA series for all my YA/NA friends out there. It’s currently in the planning stages but the title of this new YA project isContinue reading “New YA series coming in 2015”

The GREAT SALE Continues….Buy one, get TWO MYSTERY GIFTS for free!!!

Dear Readers, For the past few days I’ve been running a sale on all amazon.com global websites for my debut novel, THE LEOPARD VANGUARD. This is to commemorate the release of my new novel, THE LEOPARD STRATAGEM, coming September 23rd. Now, for two days only, SEPTEMBER 6th & 7th, if you purchase THE LEOPARD VANGUARDContinue reading “The GREAT SALE Continues….Buy one, get TWO MYSTERY GIFTS for free!!!”

EBook reviewers wanted

Do you love reading and would like to receive free books? Want to become a part of a growing brand? I am seeking reviewers for my books. The ideal reviewer would be someone with a book review blog and/or a desire to create brand-awareness, and have either a goodreads.com and/or amazon.com account to post onlineContinue reading “EBook reviewers wanted”

Favorite book titles of all time?

There are thousands of great books written down the centuries that are timeless, and the titles that define them. So which titles, and there are sure to be many, stand out best in your minds? And why? What is it about these titles that has made this book timeless in society? Or for that matterContinue reading “Favorite book titles of all time?”

The Leopard Vanguard & Kill Zombies now featured on acclaimedbooks.com

I’m very happy to announce my partnership with acclaimedbooks.com who have kindly offered to list both “The Leopard Vanguard” and “Kill Zombies” on their website. To check out either book please click the cover image above. Once again thanks to Pete at acclaimedbooks.com for his kindness.