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Update for book cover release for Steampunk novel “The Bloody Ripper”


New book cover and promotional fan poster to debut January 7th. This will be the promotional materials for the upcoming Steampunk novel “The Bloody Ripper,” due out at the end of January.

Stay tuned for more details.

Announcements Historical Fiction Horror Mystery/Crime Science-Fiction

Update for upcoming Steampunk novel “The Bloody Ripper”

First day of editing commenced today for the upcoming Steampunk crime thriller “The Bloody Ripper.” I hope to have the book completed and out on in late January.

Story will revolve around 1888 London during the Jack the Ripper killing spree and feature one mean locomotive called Blood.

More details to follow.

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Possible book cover for upcoming steampunk novel “The Bloody Ripper.”

The Bloody Ripper 2

Here is one of the possible covers I’m contemplating for my upcoming steampunk novel, “The Bloody Ripper,” due out early next year.

Read the synopsis below:

Something strange is happening in 1888 London: Citizens of London are disappearing and being used in gruesome experiments by a ruthless organization, a mysterious Red Locomotive transporting strange cargo steams toward an unknown destination, and women in Whitechapel district are being brutally murdered by an unknown assailant called “Jack the Ripper.”

Jack Mansfield, a promising young doctor, is thrust into an unenviable situation. But when his older brother Robert, a detective investigating the Ripper killings, mysteriously disappears, and Jack is framed for the Whitechapel murders, he must use all every skill at his disposal to uncover a conspiracy that threatens not only Victorian England, but the entire human race.

The Bloody Ripper is a new novel by T.A. Uner. Set in Victorian Era London, during the time of the “Jack The Ripper” killing spree in 1888. Featuring a clever mix of Steampunk, mystery and murder that is sure to keep readers guessing until the final page.

The final cover design will be released sometime next week.For more information please be sure to visit for details as they become available.

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Fan Appreciation Poster information for new Steampunk novel “THE BLOODY RIPPER”


Next week the new fan poster will debut for the upcoming Steampunk novel “THE BLOODY RIPPER.”

This book will feature a strange physician named Jack in 1888 Victorian London and a really mean red locomotive called Blood.

Story to take place during the infamous killing spree of the Jack The Ripper.

Stay tuned for fan poster release and more details.

Special thanks to all fans worldwide for your time in reading this post.

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New book to be called “The Bloody Ripper”

I’ve been hard at work, writing the second standalone novel. This one is the second prequel that will introduce another main antagonist in the second Leopard King Saga book, to be released next summer. The title of this prequel is to be called “The Bloody Ripper.” It will take place in 1887-88 Victorian era London during the Jack The Ripper killing spree.

“The Bloody Ripper” will also have a heavy Steampunk theme with a very dangerous Locomotive called Blood and feature the same ruthless organization that was introduced in “Kill Zombies.”

I hope to have “The Bloody Ripper” out by late January. More details as they become available.