Helpful tips for a better Writing Life

Universal Pen

Don’t feel like Writing? Go Write. Had a bad day? Write. The dog pooped on your favorite couch? Write.

Get my drift? Like I tell people, I don’t believe in Writer’s Block. I do believe in pushing yourself to do it. But only if you want to.

Yes, there will be time when other events take precedence in your life: day job, family, friends, or whatever. But my point is there is never a “good” time to write, since anytime is is a “great” time to write.

Ya know?

Turning negative experiences into great writing


Today was a great day for me. You’re probably wondering what happened. Well the day job sent me to a food convention and while the experience was a good one I had the misfortune of working with a total a-hole at my booth.

But hey, I’m a writer, so I seized this opportunity to use a real-life experience to enrich my life and my writing. Not every “bad” experience is really bad. Not if you allow it to ruin your day.

So the next time the Writing Gods put a total dickwad on your life path, make the most of it by using the experience to create even better villains.

And then after that, you can beat them up if it’ll make you feel better. But I wouldn’t recommend it. We’re civilized folks here, right?