The Leopard Apocalypse update


With 2017 here, I thought I’d update everyone on my forthcoming novel, The Leopard Apocalypse.  I’ve been on a roll so far in 2017 writing the third novel in my flagship Leopard King Saga, and I’m hoping to complete the first draft by spring. In the meantime, I hope everyone is keeping their new year’s resolutions, and doing well.

More updates on The Leopard Apocalypse as they become available.

Why is this guy so happy?


Whew! I’ve finally reached the end of a 5-month marathon where I was writing the first draft of my upcoming YA novel Guns and Dogs, and, gathering book reviews from readers on both & for all my other novels. It’s been a fun ride, but too much work and zero play can take its toll on the bravest of Authors.

Time to take a short break. I felt some comedy was in order to relax the nerves before I begin the first round of edits.

Until then enjoy this great Leopard picture I found!

Photo by Anthony Bond at Dailymail Online

Kindle Countdown Deal coming soon!

Book 1 of The Leopard King Saga
Book 1 of The Leopard King Saga

Be on the lookout for a kindle countdown deal for “The Leopard Vanguard”, Book 1 of the Leopard King Saga.

More information when it becomes available.

Pre-ordering now available for “The Leopard Stratagem”.

Pre-ordering has commenced! You can now order “The Leopard Stratagem”, Book 2 of the Leopard King Saga. Just click the icon above to purchase at the discounted pre-order price of $2.99.

Anyone who pre-orders “The Leopard Stratagem” from September 11th through 30th is eligible to purchase Book 1, “The Leopard Vanguard”, for only 99 cents. This is a savings of over 94% off the retail eBook price.

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Pre-ordering information for “The Leopard Stratagem” to be released September 11th

The wait is nearly over for “The Leopard Stratagem”. More than a year after the release of “The Leopard Vanguard,” I have information about pre-ordering the second book of the Leopard King Saga for all you patient Leopard King fans.

Tomorrow, September 11th, 2014, be sure to visit for information on pre-ordering for “The Leopard Stratagem”. And, as an added bonus, there will be a special promotion for all the fans who take advantage of the pre-ordering deal.

See you tomorrow!

The GREAT SALE Continues….Buy one, get TWO MYSTERY GIFTS for free!!!

Dear Readers,

For the past few days I’ve been running a sale on all global websites for my debut novel, THE LEOPARD VANGUARD. This is to commemorate the release of my new novel, THE LEOPARD STRATAGEM, coming September 23rd.

Now, for two days only, SEPTEMBER 6th & 7th, if you purchase THE LEOPARD VANGUARD for 99 cents, I’ll also give you TWO more eBooks for FREE!!! Just send me your receipt for THE LEOPARD VANGUARD and I’ll send you the two free eBooks from my fiction line-up. Please note that you must send your receipt to and write a brief review on any of the amazon global websites) for THE LEOPARD VANGUARD to qualify for the two free eBooks.

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Blood, Sweat & Brains equals Free book for you!











I’ve been working hard, wracking my brains (blood flowing fast & sweating hard too) to come up with  something to reward all the great folks who’ve been visiting My brain has come up with a quick reader quiz for you.

  • The first 17 people who answer this question correctly win a free eBook. My debut novel THE LEOPARD VANGUARD: BOOK 1 of THE LEOPARD KING SAGA. This quiz is to celebrate the upcoming release of the second novel of THE LEOPARD KING SAGA, coming August 26, to be called THE LEOPARD STRATAGEM. The question is below:
  • WHICH ANIMAL WAS THE OFFICIAL SYMBOL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE? (Hint: this animal is also the national symbol for the U.S.A and GERMANY. So let’s get those answers from you. Please e-mail your answer to: and remember the first 17 correct answers wins a free eBook, THE LEOPARD VANGUARD.
  • Hurry! Contest closes on August 3rd!