Book Cover revealed!

Tome III

As promised, here is the cover reveal for Tome 3 of the Leopard King Saga, The Leopard Apocalypse. Notice the green background color and design follows the elements theme which began with Fire for the first book, The Leopard Vanguard, and continued with Water for the second book, The Leopard Stratagem.  So for Tome 3 we explore the Earth theme, respectively.

The cover was designed by the acclaimed South African Graphic designer, Damonza, who designed the first two book covers of the Leopard King Saga.





Tomorrow is the big day for…


Yes, it’s almost here: the cover release for the 3rd book of the Leopard King Saga, to be called The Leopard Apocalypse.

Come visit  tomorrow, January 19th, 2016 for the cover release. And please be sure to tell your friends and neighbors.

Thanks for your support!

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Month-long Leopard King Saga book Tour Kicks off October 30th!


Tomorrow my Leopard King Saga book tour officially kicks off. I am very excited to be spreading the word about my Flagship Saga and will also be discussing my two other series, the Sci-Fi “Mindcop Dossiers”, and the forthcoming YA series “American Legends”.

I’ll be using Enchanted Book Promotions for this tour, so why don’t you join me on this adventure? It’s your tour as much as it is mine.

Click HERE or the Leopard King Saga Enchanted Book Promotions image above to view the tour schedule.

So let’s hit the road, virtual road that is.

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Great announcement for everyone!


I’ve been running a giveaway on Goodreads for my upcoming release, The Leopard Stratagem, and I just wanted to let everyone know. The link to enter the giveaway is listed below. I hope everyone is as excited about our one year anniversary as I am, and this giveaway is a great way of repaying all the fine folks who’ve visited over the past year.

Here is the link to enter the giveaway:

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Promotional Poster for new Dystopian novel “Kill Zombies” released

Kill Zombies-large

Well the cat, or should I say, the crocodile is out of the bag…mutant crocodile that is. Today sees the release of the promotional poster for my second novel, titled: “Kill Zombies,” which is a standalone novel introducing new characters that will feature in future novels. It can be read separately, or, if you like, as part of the growing Leopard King Universe. It is not necessary to read my first novel to understand the events in “Kill Zombies.”

But “Kill Zombies” is a huge departure from my first novel, “The Leopard Vanguard.” It is more of a Dystopian/Zombie/Vampire themed book with some added elements sprinkled in. Some of the plot themes are: Dinosaurs, cloning, global warming, overpopulation, rising oceans, nuclear fallout, a global conspiracy masterminded by a ruthless Vampire organization called “The Sect,” and three (maybe four) different types of zombies: regular, vampire and mechanical.

One of the main characters is a cyborg from 22nd Century Florida, who along with his mutant crocodile work partner,Sawtooth(featured above), hunts Dinosaurs in the ecologically devastated Florida Everglades, which is part of the Southeastern quadrant of the now divided United States.

Stay tuned for more information. I hope to release “Kill Zombies” in kindle format in late Fall.

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Halfway point reached in “Kill Zombies” Manuscript

Universal Pen

UPDATE: Work continues on “Kill Zombies.” Just wanted to let people know that I’ve reached the halfway mark in the manuscript. I don’t want to give away too much of the story but count on meeting a new race of zombies, some really strange time-travellers, overpopulation, a teenage girl with major issues(who doesnt have issues at that age, or any age for that matter), and a moody mutant crocodile.

There! Got it out of me!