What types of books do you want to see written in 2014?

As 2013 draws to a close today, I’d like to thank everyone who has visited this site and who is a follower. This year I finally took the plunge into independent publishing and I’m grateful to all the people who joined me on this journey. I look forward to bringing you more new books inContinue reading “What types of books do you want to see written in 2014?”

Possible book cover for upcoming steampunk novel “The Bloody Ripper.”

Here is one of the possible covers I’m contemplating for my upcoming steampunk novel, “The Bloody Ripper,” due out early next year. Read the synopsis below: Something strange is happening in 1888 London: Citizens of London are disappearing and being used in gruesome experiments by a ruthless organization, a mysterious Red Locomotive transporting strange cargoContinue reading “Possible book cover for upcoming steampunk novel “The Bloody Ripper.””

“The Leopard Vanguard” now ranked in amazon.com top 100 bestselling ebooks under Greek-Roman Myths & Legends

“The Leopard Vanguard” entered ranked territory today. Entering as #74 under Greek-Roman myths kindle eBook category on amazon.com Click the cover logo above to read a free sample. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. T.A. Uner

Which book genre sells the most?

People ask me what type of books sell the most? That’s an easy enough answer. I always say: “The ones that come from the heart.” Often I’m met with strange looks. But its true, there’s really no secret, there’s a market for every genre and just because one book is selling a lot doesn’t meanContinue reading “Which book genre sells the most?”

The Leopard Vanguard & Kill Zombies now featured on acclaimedbooks.com

I’m very happy to announce my partnership with acclaimedbooks.com who have kindly offered to list both “The Leopard Vanguard” and “Kill Zombies” on their website. To check out either book please click the cover image above. Once again thanks to Pete at acclaimedbooks.com for his kindness.

“Kill Zombies” explores teen issues

Think “Kill Zombies” is all about undead creatures wreaking havoc in a dystopian world? Nope. There’s a traumatized time-traveling teenage girl who battles dinosaurs and also carries a dark secret. Need more info? Read a free sample on amazon.com. Click the “Kill Zombies” eBook logo in the SHOP and it will take you to theContinue reading ““Kill Zombies” explores teen issues”

“Kill Zombies” eBook now available for purchase on amazon.com

The wait is over. Now you can purchase “Kill Zombies” on amazon.com at its discounted price. Click the “Kill Zombies” Crocodile poster image above to get to the sales page or visit the SHOP, located on this website’s menu bar to get your copy. Thank you for supporting my work, T.A. Uner

How authors can jumpstart their careers

Are you a new Author getting ready to publish your first novel? Or a writer who aspires to become published, either through independent or traditional publishing channels? You are? Great. Then you’ll find this article informative. For any writer who has overcome many obstacles (Agent/Publisher rejections, contest losses, abusive writing group members, etc.) publishing thatContinue reading “How authors can jumpstart their careers”

Why unpublished Writers are special

Unpublished writer. It is a word looked upon with stigma in the book business. But listen, it doesn’t have to be that way. As a matter of fact, it’s something to be proud of. Why? Simple. Because at one point every writer, even the ones who crank out blockbusters on a regular basis, started outContinue reading “Why unpublished Writers are special”