Quote of the day


“When you’re young you think you know it all, when you’re old you wish you could remember it all.”T.A. Uner


Quote of the day


“There are two kinds of people in this world who never learn: those who always talk, and those who never listen.”―T.A. Uner

Why is this guy so happy?


Whew! I’ve finally reached the end of a 5-month marathon where I was writing the first draft of my upcoming YA novel Guns and Dogs, and, gathering book reviews from readers on both Amazon.com & Goodreads.com for all my other novels. It’s been a fun ride, but too much work and zero play can take its toll on the bravest of Authors.

Time to take a short break. I felt some comedy was in order to relax the nerves before I begin the first round of edits.

Until then enjoy this great Leopard picture I found!

Photo by Anthony Bond at Dailymail Online