What’s in my future with Kensington Gore?


Now that Kensington Gore has acquired the publishing rights for my two novellas Kill Zombies and The Bloody Ripper, what does this mean for the future of these two books?

Well for starters, they’ll both need to be expanded into full-length novels. The publisher has made this a requirement. So I’ll probably be copiously studying the notes and suggestions sent to me by their editor-in-chief. That’s not a bad thing really, it will give me a chance to expand the stories further, and add some more depth to both books. Maybe even throw in a few new chapters.

Second, another round of editing will be necessary after each book is expanded. This is a given. But that also is a great thing, I mean, who doesn’t like finely-edited books?

Overall I think the reader will benefit from this. Both books will be refurbished, and hopefully enjoyed by a new wave of readers. Stay tuned for more Kensington Gore information when it becomes available.


Publishing deal finalized with Kensington Gore


It’s a wrap. A few hours ago I agreed to a two-book deal (for the publishing rights to Kill Zombies and The Bloody Ripper) with Kensington Gore,a horror publisher based in the UK. No, I haven’t hit paydirt with a 6 or 7-figure deal but it is a huge step toward gaining a larger audience and having someone back me and my books.

Since July 2013 this has been all on me. While I enjoyed the bumps in the road which helped me gain experience in the world of independent publishing, it’s a great feeling to know that there is an entity out there looking out for my best interests.

At the very least I will now transition formatting, editing and cover design to Kensington Gore and I trust they will do an excellent job in getting these two books in front of fans.

The work is still far from finished. Part of the deal stipulates that I must expand Kill Zombies and The Bloody Ripper from novellas to novels. That’s not a bad thing, really, as it gives me a chance to add some more meat to the plot and flesh out the characters.

Overall, the biggest benefit I stand to reap is that I will have the chance to improve my writing and get extra feedback from publishing professionals. For any writer, famous or newly-published, this is always an added bonus.


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The reason why Jack the Ripper is still popular today

The mystery of Jack the Ripper continues...

The mystery of Jack the Ripper continues…

What makes a ruthless serial killer from the later half of the 19th century still readable today? Is it the fact that everyone loves a good crime story? Or maybe its the intrinsic human curiosity that draws us. Like the Kennedy assassination, Titanic sinking and the Loch Ness Monster legend there is a great love of mystery today as there was thousands of years ago, to put it frankly, it’s in our DNA.

Now that you’ve read my two cents, why do you think Jack the Ripper is still popular?

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Possible book cover for upcoming steampunk novel “The Bloody Ripper.”

The Bloody Ripper 2

Here is one of the possible covers I’m contemplating for my upcoming steampunk novel, “The Bloody Ripper,” due out early next year.

Read the synopsis below:

Something strange is happening in 1888 London: Citizens of London are disappearing and being used in gruesome experiments by a ruthless organization, a mysterious Red Locomotive transporting strange cargo steams toward an unknown destination, and women in Whitechapel district are being brutally murdered by an unknown assailant called “Jack the Ripper.”

Jack Mansfield, a promising young doctor, is thrust into an unenviable situation. But when his older brother Robert, a detective investigating the Ripper killings, mysteriously disappears, and Jack is framed for the Whitechapel murders, he must use all every skill at his disposal to uncover a conspiracy that threatens not only Victorian England, but the entire human race.

The Bloody Ripper is a new novel by T.A. Uner. Set in Victorian Era London, during the time of the “Jack The Ripper” killing spree in 1888. Featuring a clever mix of Steampunk, mystery and murder that is sure to keep readers guessing until the final page.

The final cover design will be released sometime next week.For more information please be sure to visit for details as they become available.

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New book to be called “The Bloody Ripper”

I’ve been hard at work, writing the second standalone novel. This one is the second prequel that will introduce another main antagonist in the second Leopard King Saga book, to be released next summer. The title of this prequel is to be called “The Bloody Ripper.” It will take place in 1887-88 Victorian era London during the Jack The Ripper killing spree.

“The Bloody Ripper” will also have a heavy Steampunk theme with a very dangerous Locomotive called Blood and feature the same ruthless organization that was introduced in “Kill Zombies.”

I hope to have “The Bloody Ripper” out by late January. More details as they become available.

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Only 3 days left until “Kill Zombies” eBook is released on

Kill Zombies-large

The countdown continues. Less than three days remain before “Kill Zombies” is released in Kindle format. The book is a standalone adventure taking place in a Dystopian world. Main topics are: Zombies, Vampires, Global Conspiracies, Cyborgs, Environmental change, Ozone depletion, and much more.

The book will sell for only $2.99

There will also be a new type of Zombie creature.

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Alternate promotional poster for “Kill Zombies” eBook

Kill Zombies-alternate

Here is an alternate poster for the upcoming “Kill Zombies” eBook made during the eBook cover/poster designing process. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Click image to view larger version.

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Work begins on “Kill Zombies” manuscript

Universal Pen

Today work officially began on the upcoming novel “Kill Zombies.” Tentative completion date is late-October/early-November. Release date TBC.

I’ve added some interesting subject-matter to this story and it will be more of a sci-fi/dystopia-themed adventure instead of regular fantasy. This prequel will introduce one of the major antagonists in the Leopard King Universe and tie-in to the second Leopard King adventure.

I’ll release more information as it becomes available.

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New prequel title is “Kill Zombies”

Universal Pen

As I mentioned in an earlier post, work is now underway for a prequel novel to be released in the coming months. The release date has not been confirmed, but the title of the book is “Kill Zombies” and will feature one of the antagonists in the Second Leopard King Novel to be released next summer.

While this book takes place in the same universe as THE LEOPARD VANGUARD it will have more of Dystopian feel with some horror mixed in. Judging by the title it’s safe to say some Zombies will be making an appearance.

More updates to follow.

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Prequel in the works

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The release date for the second book in The Leopard King Saga is still over nine months away so I have decided to fill the time from now until July by releasing prequel books.

This first prequel will feature one of the main antagonists in the second Leopard King novel and will give some background information into his origins. There is also the possibility of zombies making an appearance in this novel. Of course it would be a fresh take on everyone’s favorite undead creatures.

More information about the title and release date of this novella will be made available in the coming weeks.