Tomorrow is the big day for…

Yes, it’s almost here: the cover release for the 3rd book of the Leopard King Saga, to be called The Leopard Apocalypse. Come visit LeopardKingSaga.comĀ  tomorrow, January 19th, 2016 for the cover release. And please be sure to tell your friends and neighbors. Thanks for your support!

Work resumes for The Leopard Apocalypse

At long last,yesterday, I resumed work on The Leopard Apocalypse. As I mentioned earlier, this was a project that has been on hold since late 2012. Now that I’ve sent Forever Mars and Guns And Dogs to my editors, this frees up time for me to get back to the third Tome of my flagshipContinue reading “Work resumes for The Leopard Apocalypse”

New Leopard King Saga cover coming soon

With all the work going on with Forever Mars and Guns And Dogs I’d put the third Leopard King Saga book, The Leopard Apocalypse, on hold. Now that Guns and Dogs is being edited and Forever Mars is nearly finished, I can slowly turn my attention back to The Leopard Apocalypse. It’s a mammoth project,Continue reading “New Leopard King Saga cover coming soon”

Can writers tackle multiple genres?

Most writers have accustomed themselves to writing in one genre and sticking to it. While this is a proven system, it’s not the only way for emerging novelists to make a name for themselves. Writing can be an ungrateful occupation: you can write for weeks, months, and years with little or no reward for yourContinue reading “Can writers tackle multiple genres?”

Which book has Romance, Mystery and Epic Fantasy all rolled into one?

Have you read theThe Leopard Vanguard? It’s an epic fantasy filled with everything a reader could ask for. To read a free sample, click HERE. Have a Great New Year!

End of year wrap up, Part Four: The Leopard Stratagem, Tome 2 of the Leopard King Saga

We reach the fourth part of our end-of-season wrap-up. The Leopard Stratagem was the long-awaited sequel to Tome One of the Leopard King Saga, The Leopard Vanguard. This book, or Tome as I call it, continued the story of our two main Leopard King Saga characters, Tullus and his dauntless friend Celestra the Leopardess. ItContinue reading “End of year wrap up, Part Four: The Leopard Stratagem, Tome 2 of the Leopard King Saga”

Author Interview concludes month-long Blog Tour

Today, on the final day of my 30-Day Blog Tour, you can read an interview I did with Editor Charlene on her blog. Click HERE to read the interview.

Leopard King Saga featured on “Hollow Readers” blog

Click HERE to read all about the Leopard King Saga, a Historical Fantasy series set in Ancient Rome.