“The Leopard Vanguard” now ranked in amazon.com top 100 bestselling ebooks under Greek-Roman Myths & Legends

“The Leopard Vanguard” entered ranked territory today. Entering as #74 under Greek-Roman myths kindle eBook category on amazon.com Click the cover logo above to read a free sample. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. T.A. Uner

New book to be called “The Bloody Ripper”

I’ve been hard at work, writing the second standalone novel. This one is the second prequel that will introduce another main antagonist in the second Leopard King Saga book, to be released next summer. The title of this prequel is to be called “The Bloody Ripper.” It will take place in 1887-88 Victorian era LondonContinue reading “New book to be called “The Bloody Ripper””

New prequel title is “Kill Zombies”

As I mentioned in an earlier post, work is now underway for a prequel novel to be released in the coming months. The release date has not been confirmed, but the title of the book is “Kill Zombies” and will feature one of the antagonists in the Second Leopard King Novel to be released nextContinue reading “New prequel title is “Kill Zombies””

Some interesting facts about the Roman Empire

Since my debut novel, THE LEOPARD VANGUARD, takes place during the time of the Roman Empire, I thought it would be fun to explore some interesting facts about the world’s most famous empire. 1) At its zenith the Roman Empire stretched from Britain to North Africa and parts of the Middle East. 2) The firstContinue reading “Some interesting facts about the Roman Empire”

How worrying only hurts the worrier

Worry. Like doubt its an ugly five letter word that personfies negativity. Why do people worry? Well, usually for those they love, people they think about. But even though their heart is in the right place its a self-defeating way to live. Why? Glad you asked. I can answer that. Worry is simply energy channeledContinue reading “How worrying only hurts the worrier”