The End of a Journey


I’m happy to announce that after five long years of writing The Leopard Apocalypse, I’ve finally completed it.

What a relief! The journey I started back in October 2012 wrapped up only the other day. It was the most challenging book I’ve ever written, and definitely the longest. Clocking in at over 192 thousand words.

Editing will begin late-winter or early-spring 2018.

But I’m not here to gloat about my accomplishment. I hope that my experience writing The Leopard Apocalypse will inspire other budding writers out there to finish their own challenging works.

Of course, within the five years it took me to write this book, I had other writing projects that demanded my attention, but that didn’t take away from the challenge that The Leopard Apocalypse presented.

Anyway, 2017 is almost over. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and I wish you the best in your writing for 2018!

T.A. Uner


July update on The Leopard Apocalypse


As most of you know, I’ve been working on the third book of my flagship Historical Fantasy series, The Leopard Apocalypse. Well I wanted to give everyone out there an update on what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

Well, in a nutshell, I’ve been writing up a storm for the past month. Almost every single writing session has yielded at least 1,000+ words per day. I even managed 2,500+ words written down for two days straight.

I hope to be done writing the first draft by late August to early September. This has been the most ambitious work I’ve ever undertaken, and I’ve already set a new personal record for word count. I’m closing in on 150K words and that’s with only 80% of the manuscript written.

Stay tuned for the next update, and I hope everyone’s having a great summer!


Tome IV 3D teaser cover unveiled


After releasing the Tome IV teaser cover, I’ve decided to show everyone the 3D teaser cover for The Leopard Resurrection, Tome IV of the Leopard King Saga.


Distractions & Discipline


This post is for anyone whose writing time has been butchered by the various distractions that abound in daily life.

I know this for a fact because my next Historical Fantasy novel, The Leopard Apocalypse, was affected by distractions.

For months on end I was focused on building up my social media platform. And my writing took a back seat. Perhaps my intentions were noble, as social media marketing is prominent in today’s crowded literary market. And us writers always seem to seize the chance for shameless promotion. Even if it does cut into precious writing time.

So I came to a crossroads a few weeks ago, I’d take a hiatus, and knock myself out of reverie. And take one I did. Then, my writing got back on course.

Now I implore anyone out there who’s got distractions dragging their writing time down, to make a choice. Which is more important. Your showmanship? Or your writing?

For a dedicated writer, the choice is easy.


Memorial Day ebook sale


Starting May 27th though the 31st, all my books will be only 99 cents. This is to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday. Click HERE to learn more about my books.


Update on The Leopard Apocalypse


With the editing stage of Guns And Dogs still ongoing, I’ve decided to temporarily suspend work on the third book, The Leopard Apocalypse, of my Flagship historical Fantasy series Leopard King Saga. While I think multitasking is not a bad thing, there are just some situations where it should not be utilized, mainly because spreading yourself thin over two different works may affect the overall quality.

Stay tuned for more Guns And Dogs, and The Leopard Apocalypse updates as they become available.




Tomorrow is the big day for…


Yes, it’s almost here: the cover release for the 3rd book of the Leopard King Saga, to be called The Leopard Apocalypse.

Come visit  tomorrow, January 19th, 2016 for the cover release. And please be sure to tell your friends and neighbors.

Thanks for your support!

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Work resumes for The Leopard Apocalypse


At long last,yesterday, I resumed work on The Leopard Apocalypse. As I mentioned earlier, this was a project that has been on hold since late 2012. Now that I’ve sent Forever Mars and Guns And Dogs to my editors, this frees up time for me to get back to the third Tome of my flagship Leopard King Saga series.  At least until Forever Mars and Guns And Dogs come back for another round of editing.

I do think The Leopard Apocalypse will easily be the longest book in the series. How long? Well, best to stay tuned for more information.

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Free eBook today only!

Tome One

The big Friday the 13th announcement is here! To celebrate the upcoming release of the second book of the Leopard King Saga, The Leopard Stratagem, I am offering the first book in the series, The Leopard Stratagem, for free all day today.

Keep in mind that this free eBook deal is for June 13th only! After that it reverts to its original sales price.

Don’t miss out. Make sure to click the link below to download your free eBook. You can also click the book cover image.


Tomorrow is the huge Friday the 13th announcment on


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