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Year end review: Guns And Dogs (A Young-Adult novel)

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As promised, here is the first of two year-end reviews of the two works I published in 2016.

We start with my first release, Guns & Dogs, a young-adult sci-fi thriller that debuted on June 21st. It was the first true young-adult novel I had written outside the Leopard King Saga universe and the first book in the American Legends Trilogy.

Guns & Dogs is a mash-up of various genres (with influences from Back To The Future, X-Files,  and Men In Black )and written in the Universal Pen System. It features a teenage hero who is teamed up with an army veteran, and two highly-trained canines called Jessie & Studs, who are on the trail of two gun-loving teens that are part of a global conspiracy.


Guns And Dogs is here!


The wait is over. Guns And Dogs, the book you all voted for, is here.

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Two weeks left until the official release


The countdown has begun. On June 21 Guns And Dogs, my upcoming YA book release becomes reality.

Are you ready book lovers?

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