Various genres combine to create “Kill Zombies” eBook story

For those unfamiliar with “Kill Zombies” it is my second novel. It is written in Universal Pen system which combines various genres. Even though “Kill Zombies” is Dystopian fiction, there are other genres mixed in to provide enjoyment to readers of various tastes. If you would like to read a sample of “Kill Zombies” pleaseContinue reading “Various genres combine to create “Kill Zombies” eBook story”

“Kill Zombies” eBook out tomorrow on

Tomorrow “Kill Zombies” is released on in kindle format.

Countdown begins for “Kill Zombies” eBook release day

Less than six days remain for the release of “Kill Zombies,” my second novel and the first in a series of standalone novels that introduce various new characters. This Dystopian novel takes place in the near future and features: Mutants, Cyborgs, Vampires, Zombies, Global Warming and a host of other topics.

Editing complete for upcoming “Kill Zombies” ebook

I have completed editing on “Kill Zombies,” my upcoming Dystopian/Vampire/Zombie novel. To be released on November 25, 2013.

Alternate promotional poster for “Kill Zombies” eBook

Here is an alternate poster for the upcoming “Kill Zombies” eBook made during the eBook cover/poster designing process. Hope everyone enjoys it. Click image to view larger version.

“Kill Zombies” manuscript update

I wanted to let everyone know that today I officially reached the halfway point in editing my upcoming novel “Kill Zombies.” I plan on having this novel out in late Fall/early Winter 2013. More updates as they become available.