Beta-readers needed!

As many of you know, I’ve been working on my latest creation, the Third Book in my Leopard King Saga to be titled, THE LEOPARD VANGUARD. Well I’m winding down the first wave of edits before the beta-reading stage begins. This is where I let the readers help out. So I’m looking for folks whoContinue reading “Beta-readers needed!”

How to honor your Editor

Now that November is here, I figured I’d write a post on editing. Let me tell you, when I first began my publishing odyssey, I knew nothing about editing. Sure, I’d edit my own books, but that was it. I felt that spending money on editing was a waste. How wrong I was. Editors andContinue reading “How to honor your Editor”

The truth about editing

If you’ve ever published a book, or have considered publishing a book. Then remember these five words: editing is an ongoing process. You’re probably wondering what I mean by that. Well, it’s simple, don’t think for a moment when you’re published that the work is done. Let me explain. When I first embarked on myContinue reading “The truth about editing”

Guns And Dog beta-reader edit update

I’m almost done with editing! Those five words I’ve longed to speak for ages. Editing is the part of writing that I disdain the most. But, it is a necessary evil as you all know. I should be done tonight and then it is off to my editor for a final look. Stay tuned forContinue reading “Guns And Dog beta-reader edit update”

The most important part of publishing

As most of you all know I am currently working on getting my next novel, Guns And Dogs, published. What you may not know is how it has been delayed publication due to the quality control aspect. Well, this is the most important part of publishing. For me, writing is the easy part. I createContinue reading “The most important part of publishing”

Guns And Dogs update

The beta-reading stage rolls on. I’m now incorporating edits made by another wave of beta-readers who were kind enough to volunteer their time and efforts to make Guns And Dogs an even better read. Let me tell you, I have the best beta-reading team, and combine them with my editor and I’m sure you’ll beContinue reading “Guns And Dogs update”

The Sacrifice of Writing

If you want to be a successful Writer it takes more than just writing books. Editing and choosing the right cover are important too as you probably already know. But is there more? Of course. You have to sacrifice your best self and invest it in your writing. Your best self consists of your imagination,Continue reading “The Sacrifice of Writing”

GUNS AND DOGS editing update

I’ve begun the next round of beta-editing, which means the release date for GUNS AND DOGS has been pushed back to early May. I would rather wait a bit longer before putting it out than release a book that wasn’t up to my level of standards. Editing is a thankless job as everyone already knows.Continue reading “GUNS AND DOGS editing update”

Update on post beta-reading stage for GUNS AND DOGS

Earlier today I completed the editing for the initial round of beta-reader edits for the upcoming YA novel Guns And Dogs. After the Easter Holiday it will be reformatted and sent out for another round of beta-reading. I think this is important, because the more quality control this book receives,the better the product will be.Continue reading “Update on post beta-reading stage for GUNS AND DOGS”