Release Date Nears

The editing phase is nearly complete for my upcoming young adult-themed serial, The Harpy Rises, which will be offered on Amazon’s new story platform, Kindle Vella.

For all of you who are new to my blog, my new Kindle Vella project is centered around a teenage girl named Rysa Torshavn (as seen in the image above) who is determined to locate her missing father. She then has a life-altering experience which opens up new opportunities for her.

I plan on releasing the first 10 episiodes of The Harpy Rises by the end of this month. Stay tuned for the release date on Kindle Vella.


Editing Stage Nears End

That’s right everyone. The first 10 episodes of my Kindle Vella serial is nearly ready! I submitted stories 6-10 to my editor last night. Once those edits are completed, my Young Adult serial will be ready for publication on Kindle Vella.

Are you excited? I sure am. This is a new venture filled with so much promise. I’m glad to be bringing this new Coming-of-Age serial to Kindle Vella readers.

Stay tuned for more announcements!

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Year end review: Guns And Dogs (A Young-Adult novel)

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As promised, here is the first of two year-end reviews of the two works I published in 2016.

We start with my first release, Guns & Dogs, a young-adult sci-fi thriller that debuted on June 21st. It was the first true young-adult novel I had written outside the Leopard King Saga universe and the first book in the American Legends Trilogy.

Guns & Dogs is a mash-up of various genres (with influences from Back To The Future, X-Files,  and Men In Black )and written in the Universal Pen System. It features a teenage hero who is teamed up with an army veteran, and two highly-trained canines called Jessie & Studs, who are on the trail of two gun-loving teens that are part of a global conspiracy.