New Mindcop Dossiers Omnibus coming soon

After months of debate, I am considering releasing a complete omnibus edition of the first three Mindcop Dossiers novellas.

More information to be released as it becomes available.

Need information on Mindcop Dossiers? Click HERE to find out more.

“Doctor Mars” now available on for only 99 cents!

eBook Cover DocMars(II)

Doctor Mars, my new sci-fi novella is now available. Priced at only 99 cents, this is a huge value for fans of strong female protagonists.

Please click the Doctor Mars image to purchase, or you can read a free sample.

Thanks for your support!

New paranormal novella release date set


Good news! My new novella, titled Doctor Mars, is now set for release tomorrow on,, and other amazon network retailers worldwide.

This is the first story in a planned paranormal/sci-fi series that takes place on Mars and features a powerful female mutant named Liberty Rise who solves crime by manipulating time.

For all you paranormal lovers out there Doctor Mars will not disappoint and it will sell for only 99 cents!

To read a detailed synopsis of Doctor Mars click the link below:

What types of books do you want to see written in 2014?


As 2013 draws to a close today, I’d like to thank everyone who has visited this site and who is a follower. This year I finally took the plunge into independent publishing and I’m grateful to all the people who joined me on this journey. I look forward to bringing you more new books in the coming months.

But the question for 2014 should be: what do you, noble readers and friends what to see from me? More Fantasy? Historical Fiction? More Sci-Fi?

I always welcome feedback via comments. Don’t be shy, tell me what you want. I’m here to entertain. Make it your new years resolution to be more active via comment interaction. After all,this site is as much yours as it is mine.

Have a great 2014!


The Leopard Vanguard & Kill Zombies now featured on

Tome One

I’m very happy to announce my partnership with who have kindly offered to list both “The Leopard Vanguard” and “Kill Zombies” on their website.

To check out either book please click the cover image above.

Once again thanks to Pete at for his kindness.

“Kill Zombies” explores teen issues

Kill Zombies-large

Think “Kill Zombies” is all about undead creatures wreaking havoc in a dystopian world? Nope. There’s a traumatized time-traveling teenage girl who battles dinosaurs and also carries a dark secret. Need more info? Read a free sample on Click the “Kill Zombies” eBook logo in the SHOP and it will take you to the sample page on amazon.

A word on “Kill Zombies” eBook

“Kill Zombies” is a standalone Dystopian novel that takes place in a devastated Earth of mid-twenty second century. As I stated in an earlier post you don’t have to read my first novel “The Leopard Vanguard” to understand “Kill Zombies” but the main characters will be returning in the Second Leopard King Saga novel “The Leopard Stratagem.”

You can read a free sample of “Kill Zombies” on my sales page. Decide for yourself if you’d like to buy it. It’s only $2.99 and can be purchased from any amazon network.

To read a free sample please click the “Kill Zombies” poster above.

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“Kill Zombies” eBook now available for purchase on

 Now on Sale!
Now on Sale!

The wait is over. Now you can purchase “Kill Zombies” on at its discounted price. Click the “Kill Zombies” Crocodile poster image above to get to the sales page or visit the SHOP, located on this website’s menu bar to get your copy.

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T.A. Uner

Only 3 days left until “Kill Zombies” eBook is released on

Kill Zombies-large

The countdown continues. Less than three days remain before “Kill Zombies” is released in Kindle format. The book is a standalone adventure taking place in a Dystopian world. Main topics are: Zombies, Vampires, Global Conspiracies, Cyborgs, Environmental change, Ozone depletion, and much more.

The book will sell for only $2.99

There will also be a new type of Zombie creature.