Summer Writing Advice for Writers

Just came back from my Summer Trip to Ocean City, MD and it did a world of good. Why? Because taking a trip from home to a different locale is always good for your writing. Why? See Below. Ok the ale tasted great but that’s not what I meant. Taking trips to recharge the batteryContinue reading “Summer Writing Advice for Writers”

The Dangers of Writing

Normally you wouldn’t associate danger with writing. Except that’s not the type of danger I’m about to discuss. Read on. The dangers I’m talking about here starts with unrealistic expectations. Say you become a Writer and expect the world to stop for your novel and embrace it. The huge book tours, the six-figure advances andContinue reading “The Dangers of Writing”

How to balance your writing with life

Alright, I’m guessing most of you writers and artists out there have day jobs. And even if you don’t, for whatever reason, your writing isn’t paying the bills. At least not yet. Maybe you’re writing solely for expression and plan on independent publishing. Or instead working towards making it via a traditional publishing route. BothContinue reading “How to balance your writing with life”

Indie Fall Fest 2014 is here!

It’s finally here. The biggest online Independent Writer/Writing event! Lots of great giveaways. Click the Pumpkin image to visit the event!

Special interview on T.A. Uner to be posted tomorrow on

Many of you have asked for more information on who I am, beyond the brief Author Bio section on the site. I am more than happy to give you a detailed look at the man behind the Leopard King Saga and other literary works. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a detailed interview that I wasContinue reading “Special interview on T.A. Uner to be posted tomorrow on”

Is your Author website guilty of these infractions?

Let’s face it, no two websites are alike. Some stand out and others, well, let’s just say they’re guilty of the following big three mistakes: 1)Wrong Fonts: You sure don’t want to be guilty of this. Inappropriate fonts that are too big or two small or illegible can ruin your website’s engagement factor and sendContinue reading “Is your Author website guilty of these infractions?”