LeopardKingSaga.com End of year review, Part II: I,Mars Audiobook

I,Mars Audiobook

As I stated in Part I of my end of year review   2015 was a relatively quiet year for me publishing-wise. I did however release a 2nd Audiobook, I, Mars, the sequel to Doctor Mars. It was also voiced by Elizabeth Phillips who made her debut in Doctor Mars as the voice of our Heroine Liberty Rise.

Took me over a month to get this project done. Was a struggle to get all the editing fixed so that the ebook and audiobook were exactly the same and free of typos and errors. But everything turned out well, and now it sits proudly next to its predecessor.

I, Mars Audiobook production complete

I,Mars Audiobook

Well after nearly a month of intense work, I’ve just completed the audiobook production of I, Mars. Thanks to Voice Actress Elizabeth Phillips and Formatter/Ebook Editor Jason Anderson for their time and help.

Release date for I, Mars audiobook to be announced in the near future. Thanks for your interest everyone.

Audio edits complete for I, Mars

3D book RENDER I Mars

As most of you know I’ve been working on I, Mars in audiobook format with the talented Liz Phillips as the voice of Liberty Mars. I’m happy to say that I’m done with the final round of audiobook edits and after a final inspection I’ll be sending it off.

Are you ready for this Audiobook?

eBook cover I, Mars

I’m happy to announce that I, Mars, Book 2 of my Sci-Fi detective series set on Mars, is now being made into an audiobook. It will be voiced by the talented Elizabeth Phillips, who also lent her talents to Doctor Mars last June.

More information will be released as it becomes available.