Editing Phase begins for Kindle Vella Story

Well I’ve started the editing phase for my upcoming Kindle Vella Story, The Harpy Rises. Upon completion, the manuscript will be forwarded to my new editor, who will oversee the final edits to ensure the stories are ready for publication.

I hope to have the first batch of 5 stories ready for my editor by the end of next week. Stay tuned for more information.


The Kensington Gore Edition of Kill Zombies is here!


Well after many months of editing and expansion, the fully-expanded and revised edition of Kill Zombies goes on sale today worldwide.

Click HERE to secure your copy today!

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Mindcop Dossiers Boxed Set on sale


Well the big day is here. The Mindcop Dossiers Boxed Set is now available for purchase on It’s on sale for 99 cents for just a few days. Great way to snag all three books for a great price. Click HERE to read a free sample.


New Mindcop Dossiers Omnibus coming soon

After months of debate, I am considering releasing a complete omnibus edition of the first three Mindcop Dossiers novellas.

More information to be released as it becomes available.

Need information on Mindcop Dossiers? Click HERE to find out more.

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Special price for Guns And Dogs


I’ve put my new  YA/Science Fiction novel Guns And Dogs on sale for 99 cents. This promo runs through the end of June on all amazon retail websites worldwide.  Click HERE to read a sample of Guns And Dogs.


Guns And Dogs is here!


The wait is over. Guns And Dogs, the book you all voted for, is here.

Click HERE to purchase Guns And Dogs at the discounted kindle price.

Click HERE to download kindle for free.



Tomorrow is the big day



Yes. In less than 24 hours, my YA novel Guns And Dogs is available worldwide on

Lots of hard work went into Guns And Dogs, and the end product is something I am proud of. Click HERE to read the synopsis.



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Guns And Dogs origins: Dogs


A few days ago I talked about the origins of Guns And Dogs regarding the current disease that has afflicted our society, which is the all-to-familiar shootings. Now I’d like to talk about the other half of Guns And Dogs, the better half, which involves dogs.

Dogs are such a precious gift to human society. They are our friends who only ask for love and companionship. Dogs are much-loved around the world. And it’s no secret that they’re called “Man’s Best Friend.” While some humans may disappoint us with their flippant actions, we can always count on our dogs to be there for us.

Which brings me to my next point. In Guns And Dogs we’ll meet a pair of Red Doberman Pinschers called Jessie and Studs who will play an important role in the story. Mark my words, the human protagonists will call on these brave canines to help them save the day. And it is my hope that every dog lover out there will have the chance to experience the value that they bring to the story.

Guns And Dogs is now available for Pre-order. Click HERE to purchase at the special discounted price.


Pre-order Guns And Dogs

eBook cover gunsanddogs

I’ve made Guns And Dogs available for pre-order for anyone wishing to take advantage of the special pre-order price. For my US readers, the pre-order page is HERE.

For UK readers the pre-order page is HERE.

For Canadian readers the pre-order page is HERE.

For Indian readers the pre-order page is HERE.

For Australian readers the pre-order page is HERE.

Thanks to everyone for their support!



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Please show Dianne your support!


A few days ago I noticed that, unceremoniously, some of my reviews had been removed. Then I found out that those missing reviews belonged to my deal friend Dianne Bylo, one of the finest human beings I’ve ever met.

For all of you who do not know her, Dianne Runs a blog called Tome Tender, where she kindly volunteers her time, reviewing books for Independent Writers, whom she loves to death.

Sadly, her reviews were removed by Amazon for no apparent reason. These reviews constituted years of work by Dianne, who helps support thousands of Indie Writers for zero financial compensation.

Over the years I’ve become quite good friends with her, and when I learned this it really hurt, not only because I lost valued reviews from a kindhearted human-being, but because she’s been doing this for years-legitimately I might add- and it makes no sense why Amazon would do this. Even worse, they claim she violated her review policy and won’t respond to her e-mails.

If you can visit Dianne’s blog and voice your support, not only would you be helping a stand-up gal like her, but you’ll be helping thousands of Independent Writers who desperately need reviews-from tireless people like Dianne-to get their books noticed.

So please, let’s all support Dianne!