New Mindcop Dossiers Omnibus coming soon

After months of debate, I am considering releasing a complete omnibus edition of the first three Mindcop Dossiers novellas. More information to be released as it becomes available. Need information on Mindcop Dossiers? Click HERE to find out more.

Special price for Guns And Dogs

I’ve put my new  YA/Science Fiction novel Guns And Dogs on sale for 99 cents. This promo runs through the end of June on all amazon retail websites worldwide.  Click HERE to read a sample of Guns And Dogs.

Guns And Dogs origins: Dogs

A few days ago I talked about the origins of Guns And Dogs regarding the current disease that has afflicted our society, which is the all-to-familiar shootings. Now I’d like to talk about the other half of Guns And Dogs, the better half, which involves dogs. Dogs are such a precious gift to human society. TheyContinue reading “Guns And Dogs origins: Dogs”

Pre-order Guns And Dogs

I’ve made Guns And Dogs available for pre-order for anyone wishing to take advantage of the special pre-order price. For my US readers, the pre-order page is HERE. For UK readers the pre-order page is HERE. For Canadian readers the pre-order page is HERE. For Indian readers the pre-order page is HERE. For Australian readersContinue reading “Pre-order Guns And Dogs”

Please show Dianne your support!

A few days ago I noticed that, unceremoniously, some of my reviews had been removed. Then I found out that those missing reviews belonged to my deal friend Dianne Bylo, one of the finest human beings I’ve ever met. For all of you who do not know her, Dianne Runs a blog called Tome Tender,Continue reading “Please show Dianne your support!” End of year review, Part III: Forever Mars

And now we reach the 3rd and final installment of our End of year review. I concluded my 2015 releases with Forever Mars, the 3rd Book in the Mindcop Dossiers series set on Mars. This book was the longest of the series and took us to Mars’ 2nd moon, Deimos. In also introduced a newContinue reading “ End of year review, Part III: Forever Mars”