Update for book cover release for Steampunk novel “The Bloody Ripper”

New book cover and promotional fan poster to debut January 7th. This will be the promotional materials for the upcoming Steampunk novel “The Bloody Ripper,” due out at the end of January. Stay tuned for more details.

A word on “Kill Zombies” eBook

“Kill Zombies” is a standalone Dystopian novel that takes place in a devastated Earth of mid-twenty second century. As I stated in an earlier post you don’t have to read my first novel “The Leopard Vanguard” to understand “Kill Zombies” but the main characters will be returning in the Second Leopard King Saga novel “TheContinue reading “A word on “Kill Zombies” eBook”

“Kill Zombies” eBook now available worldwide

“Kill Zombies” can be purchased anywhere in the world. Don’t live in USA? No problem. Visit your country’s amazon network to buy. For USA: Click 3D book image above For Canada: http://www.amazon.ca For U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand : http://www.amazon.co.uk For France: http://www.amazon.fr For Germany: http://www.amazon.de For Italy: http://www.amazon.it For Japan: http://www.amazon.jp Thank youContinue reading ““Kill Zombies” eBook now available worldwide”

“Kill Zombies” eBook now available for purchase on amazon.com

The wait is over. Now you can purchase “Kill Zombies” on amazon.com at its discounted price. Click the “Kill Zombies” Crocodile poster image above to get to the sales page or visit the SHOP, located on this website’s menu bar to get your copy. Thank you for supporting my work, T.A. Uner

Only 3 days left until “Kill Zombies” eBook is released on amazon.com

The countdown continues. Less than three days remain before “Kill Zombies” is released in Kindle format. The book is a standalone adventure taking place in a Dystopian world. Main topics are: Zombies, Vampires, Global Conspiracies, Cyborgs, Environmental change, Ozone depletion, and much more. The book will sell for only $2.99 There will also be aContinue reading “Only 3 days left until “Kill Zombies” eBook is released on amazon.com”

New prequel title is “Kill Zombies”

As I mentioned in an earlier post, work is now underway for a prequel novel to be released in the coming months. The release date has not been confirmed, but the title of the book is “Kill Zombies” and will feature one of the antagonists in the Second Leopard King Novel to be released nextContinue reading “New prequel title is “Kill Zombies””

Official countdown for the release of THE LEOPARD VANGUARD in USA & UK to begin tomorrow

The moment is nearly upon us noble reader. Tomorrow,the official countdown begins for the international release of THE LEOPARD VANGUARD on August 27, 2013 in the USA and UK. I’d like to thank the countless individuals from around the globe who have helped make this blog/website such a success. Rest assured I will have releaseContinue reading “Official countdown for the release of THE LEOPARD VANGUARD in USA & UK to begin tomorrow”