Year end review: Guns And Dogs (A Young-Adult novel)

As promised, here is the first of two year-end reviews of the two works I published in 2016. We start with my first release, Guns & Dogs, a young-adult sci-fi thriller that debuted on June 21st. It was the first true young-adult novel I had written outside the Leopard King Saga universe and the firstContinue reading “Year end review: Guns And Dogs (A Young-Adult novel)”

Special price for Guns And Dogs

I’ve put my new  YA/Science Fiction novel Guns And Dogs on sale for 99 cents. This promo runs through the end of June on all amazon retail websites worldwide.  Click HERE to read a sample of Guns And Dogs.

Guns And Dogs origins: Dogs

A few days ago I talked about the origins of Guns And Dogs regarding the current disease that has afflicted our society, which is the all-to-familiar shootings. Now I’d like to talk about the other half of Guns And Dogs, the better half, which involves dogs. Dogs are such a precious gift to human society. TheyContinue reading “Guns And Dogs origins: Dogs”

Guns And Dogs origins: Shootings

By now many of you are aware that my upcoming Young adult novel, Guns And Dogs, which will be released worldwide on June 21. But many of you are probably curious as to how I arrived at writing this book. What was I thinking when I started crafting the outline in 2014? I would haveContinue reading “Guns And Dogs origins: Shootings”

Excerpt from Guns And Dogs

Awhile back I promised to publish an excerpt from Guns And Dogs, my upcoming Young Adult novel that will be published worldwide on June 21st. So here it is. The first chapter. Hope everyone enjoys. Chapter 1 Tucson, Arizona Present Day Bloodboy hated high school. It wasn’t the acrimonious stares he endured in the hallways,Continue reading “Excerpt from Guns And Dogs”

Month of May 2015 to feature fan surprise for upcoming YA novel

As everyone who follows knows, I’ve been working on a YA adventure novel called Guns And Dogs since last fall to reward my readers who voted on what I should write next. This month and in June, I’ll be featuring detailed bios on all the main and supporting characters that will feature in GunsContinue reading “Month of May 2015 to feature fan surprise for upcoming YA novel”

Update on upcoming YA novel, Guns And Dogs

Here’s the latest update on Guns And Dogs, my upcoming YA novel that all of you voted for in a poll last Summer. I’ve now passed the halfway mark and have been writing like crazy. The story is constantly evolving and I’m confident that it will be appreciated by lovers of Young Adult fiction. MoreContinue reading “Update on upcoming YA novel, Guns And Dogs”

Quarter mark reached in YA manuscript

I wanted to give an update on Guns And Dogs, my upcoming YA adventure. Right now I’ve hit the quarter-mark in the manuscript. I’ve been cranking out 5000-7000 words per week in an attempt to get this book out by late-summer, early fall. Thanks for your patience. If you’d like to learn more about GunsContinue reading “Quarter mark reached in YA manuscript”

Writing pace quickens for upcoming YA novel

I thought I’d write an update as it’s been awhile. As most of you already know I’ve been working feverishly on my next novel, GUNS AND DOGS, a Young Adult story chosen by you, the fans. There’s been a lot of new developments in the outline, which means more surprises. I’m still shooting for aContinue reading “Writing pace quickens for upcoming YA novel”