The most important part of publishing

As most of you all know I am currently working on getting my next novel, Guns And Dogs, published. What you may not know is how it has been delayed publication due to the quality control aspect. Well, this is the most important part of publishing. For me, writing is the easy part. I createContinue reading “The most important part of publishing”

Helpful tips for a better Writing Life

Don’t feel like Writing? Go Write. Had a bad day? Write. The dog pooped on your favorite couch? Write. Get my drift? Like I tell people, I don’t believe in Writer’s Block. I do believe in pushing yourself to do it. But only if you want to. Yes, there will be time when other eventsContinue reading “Helpful tips for a better Writing Life”

Turning negative experiences into great writing

Today was a great day for me. You’re probably wondering what happened. Well the day job sent me to a food convention and while the experience was a good one I had the misfortune of working with a total a-hole at my booth. But hey, I’m a writer, so I seized this opportunity to useContinue reading “Turning negative experiences into great writing”

The worst thing a Writer can do to their career.

This is going to be a quick post. Not a lot of hooplah or paragraphs of advice chock full of detailed explanations. Guys and Gals. I’ve been seeing more and more of this amateurish behavior from so many newbie writers. You know what it is? Ok. Here it is. Plain and simple. If you’ve writtenContinue reading “The worst thing a Writer can do to their career.”

Why should Writers talk more?

I always say a Writer is only as good as whom he/she talks to. “But isn’t writing what were supposed to do?” you ask. Sure. But talking, and more important, listening can do wonders. Take my blog for instance. I love getting comments from people. It drives my blog. And when I respond I goContinue reading “Why should Writers talk more?”

The Dangers of Writing

Normally you wouldn’t associate danger with writing. Except that’s not the type of danger I’m about to discuss. Read on. The dangers I’m talking about here starts with unrealistic expectations. Say you become a Writer and expect the world to stop for your novel and embrace it. The huge book tours, the six-figure advances andContinue reading “The Dangers of Writing”

Your book isn’t selling? Try this method instead.

In today’s crowded literary market it can be frustrating to make a name for yourself. As you spend money to produce, edit, and market your work, the big picture can get lost in the publishing shuffle. “What do I do?” You ask? Don’t sweat it. There is a way to get your books noticed. AndContinue reading “Your book isn’t selling? Try this method instead.”

The path to writing success runs through this

Some of the best experiences come from mistakes. And writers who learn from them put themselves in a strong position to achieve their literary goals. But let me tell you something you’ve probably learned on your own, it’s a long, painful road to success. Good things take time, but you can gain experience without unnecessaryContinue reading “The path to writing success runs through this”

How to balance your writing with life

Alright, I’m guessing most of you writers and artists out there have day jobs. And even if you don’t, for whatever reason, your writing isn’t paying the bills. At least not yet. Maybe you’re writing solely for expression and plan on independent publishing. Or instead working towards making it via a traditional publishing route. BothContinue reading “How to balance your writing with life”