How to honor your Editor

Now that November is here, I figured I’d write a post on editing. Let me tell you, when I first began my publishing odyssey, I knew nothing about editing. Sure, I’d edit my own books, but that was it. I felt that spending money on editing was a waste. How wrong I was. Editors andContinue reading “How to honor your Editor”

The truth about “bad” reviews

Some of the newer writers out there might get a little peeved at bad reviews. But seriously, what is a bad review? How does a review become bad? Well, technically, it’s when a reader doesn’t like your book. Ok. Let’s take a look at this. So someone didn’t like it. Does that make the bookContinue reading “The truth about “bad” reviews”

The Author who is also a Book

Ever wonder where I (or any writer for that matter) get my fiction ideas from? I’d say it is a combination of things. First life experience comes into play. The combined collection of memories accumulated from my day-to-day events. Both good and bad. I have pain. We all do. That’s what makes us human. IContinue reading “The Author who is also a Book”

The truth about editing

If you’ve ever published a book, or have considered publishing a book. Then remember these five words: editing is an ongoing process. You’re probably wondering what I mean by that. Well, it’s simple, don’t think for a moment when you’re published that the work is done. Let me explain. When I first embarked on myContinue reading “The truth about editing”

When is it time to quit?

This post is for all those writers out there, or wannabe writers. Or anyone who is invested in the arts. So pretty much everyone artistically-inclined. Quitting. It’s a disease that affects the best of us. And it can really hit you when you’re about to break. There are many causes: Family issues, work, health degradation,Continue reading “When is it time to quit?”

When Writers can’t write

It happens to all of us. Suddenly our fingers don’t want to cooperate with our minds, and our passion for wordsmithing evaporates faster than a desert mirage. So what do you do when the well of creation dries up? Take a vacation? Catch that new movie you’ve wanted to see? Clip your overgrown toenails? Well…yeah.Continue reading “When Writers can’t write”

How to recharge your writing life

I’m always reading how writing seems to be the answer for every problem in the writer’s life. Can’t write? Then go write. Can’t find a topic? Go write. Well that’s great that there are folks out there that can write a lot. If you’ve got a deadline to make, or a huge writing contract thatContinue reading “How to recharge your writing life”

What does patience and writing have in common?

The majority of writers today do not make enough to support themselves. Yes. You read correctly. Sorry if I popped your unrealistic bubble that was based on a get-rich-quick scheme where writing is concerned. Writing is an art. And you really should keep the unrealistic fantasy at an arms length so it doesn’t affect yourContinue reading “What does patience and writing have in common?”