How Writers can impress their readers

Let me ask you a question. You like Fantasy…right? Good. Now that we’ve got that established, read on. Writers I know, especially the ones who write Fantasy, often ask me: “How can I improve my writing?” Well that’s a pretty good question. Lucky for you, I’m feeling generous today. So let me share my experiencesContinue reading “How Writers can impress their readers”

Staying focused while writing toward success

It’s important to realize that writing, like any other occupation, requires time and effort to achieve success. But you’re probably thinking: “I knew that!” Great. Keep reading compadre. The truth is, for us writers, there is never a guarantee that our efforts will ever take us to the Holy Grail of writing, that elusive bigContinue reading “Staying focused while writing toward success”

How to value your reader’s time by engaging them in the story, Part II

Yesterday I talked about how the taste/hunger sense, incorporated into your writing, can take it to a whole new level. So today I thought we’d chat about sight/visual perception in writing. After all you can’t make the reader hungry without showing them the food. Right? Glad you agree my friends. O.K. lesson number one. WhichContinue reading “How to value your reader’s time by engaging them in the story, Part II”

How to value your reader’s time

Hopefully by now I’ve established that I’m a writer that loves writing helpful blog posts. Which brings me to my next topic. How do you engage your reader? Yes. I’m talking to all you serious writers out there. Yes. I know its a battle to keep the precious reader engaged, but we’re writers dammit, that’sContinue reading “How to value your reader’s time”