What are your summer beach reading plans?

Summer is nearly here, and with that, the heightened expectation of the summer beach read. Let me ask you this: do you manage to get more reading time in during summer? Or not? Also, is there a specific book you’ve been looking forward to read in Summer 2017? If so, I’d like to hear aboutContinue reading “What are your summer beach reading plans?”

Where have I been? On Vacation of course!

Yes it’s been ages since I posted, but I have a valid excuse. I took a much-needed vacation which lasted well over a week. I also went with my family which made it even better. Here are some pictures that defined my stay. I hope you’ll enjoy them all. A much-needed coffee every morning fromContinue reading “Where have I been? On Vacation of course!”

A holiday message from LeopardKingSaga.com

Now that Christmas 2014 is upon us, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never bought my books or visited my site, this message is for all of God’s children. May the celebrations last long into the night for you, in a safe manner of course, and mayContinue reading “A holiday message from LeopardKingSaga.com”

Tomorrow Kindle Countdown Deal begins Worldwide!

Let me ask you something. Have you read The Leopard Vanguard? No? That’s alright. But guess what? Tomorrow, it goes on sale. That’s right, starting November 7th through the 14th you can get The Leopard Vanguard below its retail price. Check back here, tomorrow, November 7th. And one more thing… This deal is valid worldwide.

Blog Tour Excerpt from “The Leopard Stratagem”

The Blog Tour continues. Today we examine an excerpt from Tome 2, “The Leopard Stratagem”. Click HERE to read a sample.