How to deal with critics

Listen, if you’re reading this you’re either an artist or someone else that’s had to deal with criticism, it’s inevitable, we all have to brace for them. But how do you prevent someone’s opinion from ruining your creative groove? Easy. Just don’t. Opinions are like farts: some stink, and some don’t. The goal is toContinue reading “How to deal with critics”

How I changed my day for the better, read on…

Today was going great. In the morning I had a great chat with an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages, and then with wind in my sails, I went off to work. Then, while I was working,disaster struck, and my equipment failed. Did I lose my cool? No. Experience has taught me not toContinue reading “How I changed my day for the better, read on…”

How worrying only hurts the worrier

Worry. Like doubt its an ugly five letter word that personfies negativity. Why do people worry? Well, usually for those they love, people they think about. But even though their heart is in the right place its a self-defeating way to live. Why? Glad you asked. I can answer that. Worry is simply energy channeledContinue reading “How worrying only hurts the worrier”