Update on Forever Mars

Great news friends! I’ve submitted Forever Mars to my formatter and it should be ready for the beta-reading stage. Afterwards, depending on reader feedback it should be ready to roll for publication. I hope everyone is as excited in this third entry of the Mindcop Dossiers series as I am. Stay tuned for more information.Continue reading “Update on Forever Mars”

End of year wrap up, Part Five: I, Mars, Book 2 of Mindcop Dossiers

We conclude our year-end summary with the fifth and final release for 2014. I, Mars was the second book in the Mindcop Dossiers series featuring Liberty Rise, a young female detective who fights crime on 22nd century Mars. This second book focused on completing the story-arc from Doctor Mars. To learn more about I, MarsContinue reading “End of year wrap up, Part Five: I, Mars, Book 2 of Mindcop Dossiers”

End of year wrap up, Part Three: Doctor Mars, Book 1 of Mindcop Dossiers

Doctor Mars was the third release for me in 2014. It was the first in a new science fiction series based on 22nd Century Mars. Featuring a strong female heroine named Liberty Rise, a mutant who used her abilities to combat major crimes on Mars and its moons. Click HERE to learn more.

I, Mars enters formatting stage

Yesterday I submitted the file for I, Mars-the 2nd book of my new Sci-Fi series-to my formatter and after final proofreading it will be available for sale. Projected release date is December 9th, 2014. More details to follow.

“I, Mars” preliminary manuscript completed

I’ve completed the manuscript for “I, Mars” which is the second story of my experimental Sci-Fi series, “Mindcop Dossiers”. It’s now headed for the editing stage. I’ll have more information, including the confirmed released date, in the near future.

Month-long Leopard King Saga book Tour Kicks off October 30th!

Tomorrow my Leopard King Saga book tour officially kicks off. I am very excited to be spreading the word about my Flagship Saga and will also be discussing my two other series, the Sci-Fi “Mindcop Dossiers”, and the forthcoming YA series “American Legends”. I’ll be using Enchanted Book Promotions for this tour, so why don’tContinue reading “Month-long Leopard King Saga book Tour Kicks off October 30th!”

Indie Fall Fest 2014 Featured Author: T.A. Uner

Today I am very happy to be the featured Author of the Day at Indie Fall Fest 2014. Special thanks to Kirsten Noel and Kira Adams for hosting me. The full interview and my Guest Blog can be read here. T.A. UNER is the Author of various novels and short stories. Please be sure toContinue reading “Indie Fall Fest 2014 Featured Author: T.A. Uner”

“Mindcop Dossiers” books get cover upgrades

I’ve decided to have my graphic design team retool my new Sci-Fi series “Mindcop Dossiers” covers to be more eye-friendly. The lettering has been upgraded to a bright red worthy of a Mars-Themed book. I’ve also had some detail added to Mars’s surface on the cover of “Doctor Mars”. These recommendations were made by fans.Continue reading ““Mindcop Dossiers” books get cover upgrades”