Should you pay for book marketing services?

I recently invested some change in getting more exposure for Guns And Dogs, my newest release. You’re probably asking did it work? Here’s my answer. I went into it with low expectations, after all, most books don’t sell millions of copies overnight. Not unless you’re JK Rowling of course. But the object of gaining exposureContinue reading “Should you pay for book marketing services?”

Why are book trailers important?

Today I  want to discuss the importance of book trailers. Book trailers, when done right, can showcase your book to potential buyers in a whole new way. Now check out the trailer for one of my novels called The Bloody Ripper. When you’re done watching it I want you to think about what it wasContinue reading “Why are book trailers important?”

Why are blog comments important?

Blogs are great for getting yourself out there. But you know what’s even better than a blog? A blog where your followers post comments and interact with you. It’s tough at first, I know. I’ve been there, but once you get a few conversations going, it can help you build momentum. Blog comments can beContinue reading “Why are blog comments important?”

Making Word-of-Mouth work for you

Photo by  Serge Ouachée So you’ve got a new book out. Great. So do tons of other writers. But I’m broke you say. I’ve spent all my money on editing and hiring a great artist to design my book cover. Not all of us can afford expensive advertising, and even if we could,I doubt itContinue reading “Making Word-of-Mouth work for you”

Writers! Get your book the exposure it deserves

If you’re struggling to get your book in the hands of more readers (and who isn’t?) there’s a sure fire way to get yourself the added exposure you need to drive sales. Easy. Get your books in the hands of more reviewers. The best place to find such folks is on goodreads. And all itContinue reading “Writers! Get your book the exposure it deserves”