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Work Continues on Book 4

It’s been ages since I last posted anything so please excuse me. I’ve been busy with Graduate School and tweeting my political opinions on twitter. Some responses have been good, others, not so much.I’ve been quite productive though. Have been cranking out words like crazy for the past month and I’m loving it.

Book 4, or, The Leopard Resurrection, does not have a release date yet. although I am hoping to have it out by 2022. This is subject to change.

So how are YOU doing? What is keeping YOU busy during these crazy pandemic days?

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More fantasy, or more history?


As most of you already know, for the past six months I’ve been writing the 1st Draft of the 3rd Book of my Leopard King Saga series, to be called The Leopard Apocalypse. This book has already cemented its place as the longest I’ve ever written. At the time of this article, I’ve got 120K words down, with eleven more chapters left to write. This will easily eclipse my previous word count high of 124K words which belonged to the previous Leopard King saga book, The Leopard Stratagem.

As with all books in this series, the genre is Historical Fantasy. But I would like to know from my audience out there which elements would you like to see more of in The Leopard Apocalypse? More fantasy, or more history?

Thanks for your time and help, and I look forward to your comments.

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How to honor your Editor


Now that November is here, I figured I’d write a post on editing. Let me tell you, when I first began my publishing odyssey, I knew nothing about editing. Sure, I’d edit my own books, but that was it. I felt that spending money on editing was a waste.

How wrong I was.

Editors and beta-readers are a key component to the writing process. They act as a safety net, and find everything you miss when you self-edit. But finding an editor that is best for you isn’t easy. But it’s a journey worth embarking on. Let me explain.

I went through many editors. Some were mediocre, but most were subpar. Then I finally settled on one. An Irish Lady named Amanda, who lives with a mischievous little African Grey Parrot called Lilo. There were times when we argued, and I felt our working relationship wouldn’t last. Perhaps it was my fault. Who knows? I can be difficult sometimes when it comes to my work. But in the end, Amanda was the one, the best editor a writer could ask for. After all, how many editors end up becoming your friends?

And then there’s Lilo, who could ever forget Lilo? The repetitive little talking birdie who won my heart, and often serves as an example to me not to take myself too seriously.

So, the morale of this story is simple. If you find an editor that just feels right, by all means, grab onto them like dear life. Make sure to value them like a life preserver, because they’ll save your writing, trust me I know.

And if they own a talking birdie, well that just a bonus!

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Mindcop Dossiers Boxed Set on sale


Well the big day is here. The Mindcop Dossiers Boxed Set is now available for purchase on amazon.com. It’s on sale for 99 cents for just a few days. Great way to snag all three books for a great price. Click HERE to read a free sample.

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The truth about struggling


I felt this story might serve to inspire some folks out there. Well a few days ago I noticed that a mouse had gotten into my home. Fall is here, so these critters tend to get inside homes now that summer is over.

Well I thought catching a mouse was pretty straightforward. How hard could it be? You set a trap, bait it and voila! Dead mouse. Not quite. Little did I know I was in for a surprise. A big surprise. From something quite small.

I set three traps and was surprised that none of them had caught the mouse. But wait, it gets weirder, the cheese bait had disappeared! The mouse had actually grabbed the bait and made off with the cheese.

I was surprised. Clearly I’d made a mistake.So I re-baited the traps and waited. Nothing. This time all three traps had been stripped of cheese, and still the mouse had evaded capture!

Clearly I was dealing with a craft creature here. But I refused to be bested by a creature who’s brain was smaller than the size of a raisin. I continued my struggle to capture the mouse, but, it kept getting away with the cheese.

Knowing I had to change my tactics, I went to purchase a glue trap. And finally, after three days of struggling to capture my quarry, low and behold the glue traps had captured not one, but two mice.

I’d be surprised if there isn’t a lesson in all of this. Clearly my struggle to catch these critters was an example of life. We struggle and we struggle, and even when victory is expected, it’s seldom delivered as we like it. But yet, if we persevere, we may yet end up with a favorable outcome. I was overjoyed to see my efforts in catching an additional mouse. I hadn’t climbed Mount Everest, but still, I found myself grateful for the struggle.

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Work resumes on next project


Even though I’m in the midst of promoting my latest release, Guns And Dogs, I’ve slowly begun jotting down words for the next novel in the Leopard King Saga, to be titled, The Leopard Apocalypse. Release date is scheduled for late 2017,but this is subject to change.

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Special price for Guns And Dogs


I’ve put my new  YA/Science Fiction novel Guns And Dogs on sale for 99 cents. This promo runs through the end of June on all amazon retail websites worldwide.  Click HERE to read a sample of Guns And Dogs.

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Please show Dianne your support!


A few days ago I noticed that, unceremoniously, some of my reviews had been removed. Then I found out that those missing reviews belonged to my deal friend Dianne Bylo, one of the finest human beings I’ve ever met.

For all of you who do not know her, Dianne Runs a blog called Tome Tender, where she kindly volunteers her time, reviewing books for Independent Writers, whom she loves to death.

Sadly, her reviews were removed by Amazon for no apparent reason. These reviews constituted years of work by Dianne, who helps support thousands of Indie Writers for zero financial compensation.

Over the years I’ve become quite good friends with her, and when I learned this it really hurt, not only because I lost valued reviews from a kindhearted human-being, but because she’s been doing this for years-legitimately I might add- and it makes no sense why Amazon would do this. Even worse, they claim she violated her review policy and won’t respond to her e-mails.

If you can visit Dianne’s blog and voice your support, not only would you be helping a stand-up gal like her, but you’ll be helping thousands of Independent Writers who desperately need reviews-from tireless people like Dianne-to get their books noticed.

So please, let’s all support Dianne!



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What’s the biggest mistake a writer can make?


I’ll tell you right now. It’s writing one book and wasting your entire day trying to promote it.

But you’re probably asking shouldn’t I market my book? Well of course. Problem is that many new writers write one book and call it a day. They put all their eggs in one basket and pray for a miracle. That sales will come knocking on their door.

Well the odds of you hitting it big with one book is astronomically low, if not nearly impossible. Sure, it happens, but waiting for that kinda luck is  like trying to hit the lottery.

The best way to get discovered in today’s crowded  literary market is to get as many books out there as possible. I’m not saying write a bunch of garbage, slap a cover on it and spit it out. More like try and get at least two well-written, edited books out every year.

Because pining all your hopes on one book is counterproductive. The best way  to stay active is, yes, promote that one book, but at the same time, getting back to writing and putting out and 2nd, 3rd and 4th book.

T.A. UNER is the Author of various novels and short stories. Please be sure to follow him on LeopardKingSaga.com, where he blogs about writing, self-publishing, and life. Please subscribe to his blog posts and have them delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. He will dance on his hands if you do.

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How Writers can increase their daily word output


If you’re a writer who struggling to get words down, I’ve got news for you…don’t sweat it.

I’ve been there before, and who hasn’t? The struggle to get words down is an affliction that has plagued scribes since the dawn of time.

My advice would be to take it slow and start small. What I like to do is schedule a 100 words the first day and get those down. Yeah you heard me, 100 words, that how small I start. I make it fun and treat it as if it’s a game. I call it the Word Counting game and build on that. Then when I get those hundred down I forget about writing until the next day. The following day I move it up to 250 words. Once I get those down, again I forget about writing until the next day.

You see where I’m going? I keep it going: 500, then 750, then 1,000 and one and on. I increase my writing word count in small increments until I’m cranking out a ridiculous amount of words per day. And the great thing is you hardly, if ever, notice it. If I find myself struggling to get more than 1,000 words down I just start all over again. With 100.

That’s how you defeat writers block. You turn writing into something fun. A game. All great accomplishments start with that one tiny step.

Just remember to start small.

T.A. UNER is the Author of various novels and short stories. Please be sure to follow him on LeopardKingSaga.com, where he blogs about writing, self-publishing, and life. Please subscribe to his blog posts and have them delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. He will dance on his hands if you do.