Work Continues on Book 4

It’s been ages since I last posted anything so please excuse me. I’ve been busy with Graduate School and tweeting my political opinions on twitter. Some responses have been good, others, not so much.I’ve been quite productive though. Have been cranking out words like crazy for the past month and I’m loving it. Book 4,Continue reading “Work Continues on Book 4”

More fantasy, or more history?

As most of you already know, for the past six months I’ve been writing the 1st Draft of the 3rd Book of my Leopard King Saga series, to be called The Leopard Apocalypse. This book has already cemented its place as the longest I’ve ever written. At the time of this article, I’ve got 120KContinue reading “More fantasy, or more history?”

How to honor your Editor

Now that November is here, I figured I’d write a post on editing. Let me tell you, when I first began my publishing odyssey, I knew nothing about editing. Sure, I’d edit my own books, but that was it. I felt that spending money on editing was a waste. How wrong I was. Editors andContinue reading “How to honor your Editor”

The truth about struggling

I felt this story might serve to inspire some folks out there. Well a few days ago I noticed that a mouse had gotten into my home. Fall is here, so these critters tend to get inside homes now that summer is over. Well I thought catching a mouse was pretty straightforward. How hard couldContinue reading “The truth about struggling”

Work resumes on next project

Even though I’m in the midst of promoting my latest release, Guns And Dogs, I’ve slowly begun jotting down words for the next novel in the Leopard King Saga, to be titled, The Leopard Apocalypse. Release date is scheduled for late 2017,but this is subject to change.

Special price for Guns And Dogs

I’ve put my new  YA/Science Fiction novel Guns And Dogs on sale for 99 cents. This promo runs through the end of June on all amazon retail websites worldwide.  Click HERE to read a sample of Guns And Dogs.

Please show Dianne your support!

A few days ago I noticed that, unceremoniously, some of my reviews had been removed. Then I found out that those missing reviews belonged to my deal friend Dianne Bylo, one of the finest human beings I’ve ever met. For all of you who do not know her, Dianne Runs a blog called Tome Tender,Continue reading “Please show Dianne your support!”

What’s the biggest mistake a writer can make?

I’ll tell you right now. It’s writing one book and wasting your entire day trying to promote it. But you’re probably asking shouldn’t I market my book? Well of course. Problem is that many new writers write one book and call it a day. They put all their eggs in one basket and pray forContinue reading “What’s the biggest mistake a writer can make?”

How Writers can increase their daily word output

If you’re a writer who struggling to get words down, I’ve got news for you…don’t sweat it. I’ve been there before, and who hasn’t? The struggle to get words down is an affliction that has plagued scribes since the dawn of time. My advice would be to take it slow and start small. What IContinue reading “How Writers can increase their daily word output”