What makes a book special?

Good question. I think its a combination of interesting characters and a good plot. But you can’t dismiss mystery and the almighty plot twist. And how about diversity? You need multi-facted characters that the reader can relate to on many different levels. I don’t subscribe to the generic villain who twirls his mustache. No writerContinue reading “What makes a book special?”

International fan base for Leopard King Saga growing at an exciting pace!

Less than three weeks into the creation of LeopardKingSaga.com and we’ve attracted interest from nations as far away as Australia and New Zealand. Some other great countries from which we’ve garnered interest are: Germany, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, South Africa, Netherlands,Canada, UK, Turkey, Pakistan, Denmark, Serbia and Norway. I’d like to thank these wonderful people forContinue reading “International fan base for Leopard King Saga growing at an exciting pace!”

LeopardKingSaga.com reaches milestone

As of this posting we’ve reached 300 hits. I’d like to thank all the wonderful people who took the time to visit and want you to know that your time spent here is appreciated. If you havent already done so, please like Leopardkingsaga on Facebook, or, become a follower on our twitter site to enterContinue reading “LeopardKingSaga.com reaches milestone”

First full month of LeopardKingSaga.com arrives

The arrival of August signals the start of the first full calendar month of leopardkingsaga.com. I am very grateful to all the fine folks who have visited this blog since our inception on July 17th. As most of you have noticed, this blog continues to evolve. And I am always open to suggestions on howContinue reading “First full month of LeopardKingSaga.com arrives”