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Coronavirus and the Writing Life


As the planet battles the latent new virus known as COVID-19, I sit here wondering what the future holds. But, as a writer I am already accustomed to this anomalous feeling.

Writing itself is an unpredictable animal, and the current pandemic gripping the planet is a situation most newly-published writers find themselves at odds with. The energy-sapping questions begin making their way through their thoughts. What should I write about? Will my books ever sell? Will I ever be able to support myself on my writing? Then, once you get self-published, the constant checking of your amazon royalty figures can almost drive a newbie mad.

Like the Coronavirus and writing, both unpredictable in their own right, the only thing you can do is focus on doing your best, and ignoring the fear factor. Because, worrying about something you have no control over will simply ruin your quality of life, and take the fun out of anything.

So I say this to every new writer and human being. Be calm. Live every day to the best of your ability. Don’t fret over the virus that the news agencies are constantly blasting over the airwaves.

And get back to two things. Living, and writing.


3 thoughts on “Coronavirus and the Writing Life

  1. uner inci says:

    Çok doğru ve güzel söylüyorsun.Gününü yaşa ve elinden geleni yap başka birşey yok yapılabilecek.

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  2. Focusing on the best while ignoring the fear seems to be a good way to go about the writing life, especially since this life doesn’t promise anything at all, so the majority of it only seems to be filled with doubt and dread, lol.

    Thanks for the reminder though, and wishing you all the best in your writing endeavours!

    • Thanks for the comment Stuart. You’re right, this life has zero guarantees, but don’t let the ugliness on the news deter you from thinking positive. It can help you in the long run!

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