Should you pay for book marketing services?


I recently invested some change in getting more exposure for Guns And Dogs, my newest release. You’re probably asking did it work?

Here’s my answer.

I went into it with low expectations, after all, most books don’t sell millions of copies overnight. Not unless you’re JK Rowling of course. But the object of gaining exposure through paid advertising is investing for the future.

Sure, you may not sell a ton now, but the seeds planted through this service will most likely help in the future. Of course this isn’t a guarantee, but then again, what is?

So here’s my final verdict: if you have the money and the company is legit, you should go for it. But just remember, good things take time, so make sure to be patient.


2 thoughts on “Should you pay for book marketing services?

  1. Your article peaked my interest and wet my appetite. I was ready for a seven point book investment strategy that works like a new gold mine, spitting out nuggets after nuggets. I came back to reality when the article suddenly ended, left me still salivating for the main course.

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